Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mystery BOM - month 1

I have started the 2005 version of Cathy's Mystery BOM class. Miraculously, I finished first block before I started the second class! Unheard of!

I'm not needleturning this time - with making the hexagon quilt at the same time I have enough on my plate! I'll still needleturn the bias stems, but the rest will be vlisofix and blanket stitch!

Here's block 1, and also a sneak preview of block 2. I decided to do this in 1930s reproduction colours, just like my hexagon quilt.

Block 1

Sneak preview of block 2


  1. wow, so lovely, i love the reproduction fabric. simply beautiful

  2. Hi Michelle - that applique is divine and the elephant and kitty softies are heartbreakingly beautiful.
    I think you are right - thousands of quilting websites but hardly any quiltblogs - all too busy sewing to go near keyboards maybe? I have many UFOs and love blythes. admiration from hb

  3. This looks absolutely blooming lovely. I don't know about you but i can't wait to see the blocks completed one by one.
    ..........but NO I will not consider starting another project just because it's beautiful. I am finishing UFO's, I am finishing UFO's, I am ............


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