Sunday, March 19, 2006

The top - it's done!

Today I finished the top for my mystery block of the month which Cathy Stevenson designed and taught. The first stage, which I finished yesterday morning, turned out really well - I would have been happy if we had stopped there....

First border

But lucky I didn't! Here's the whole shebang, put together last night and today, and I'm so happy with how it all came together! All those border applique pieces that sent me nearly insane were worth it.

All borders added

I'll be machine quilting this somehow ( it's bigger than I imagined!). Photos to follow...


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Your quilt is is very, very pretty. Well done. And congrats too to Cathy for creating such a lovely design.

  2. Hi Michelle
    What a lovely quilt. Your colours look great.
    Delia on the Sunshine Coast

  3. That's beautiful! Congrats to you and Cathy, it's lovely.

  4. Fantastic quilt Michelle, don't the borders make it special, Kerrie at Umina Beach NSW

  5. Michelle, what a wonderful quilt you have made.
    Cathy has designed something very special with this.

  6. Michelle, THIS IS AWESOME!!! Is it for the Quilt show in August? Sorry couldn't resist. Chris Polsen

  7. So pretty! And yes, I wanna see it at the quilt show - I'm coming all the work back to Canberra for it!

  8. Wow - it's gorgeous! I'm glad you persevered with the borders - they are so unique and truly make a lovely quilt.


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