Thursday, March 1, 2007

Fun with Valori and Jane

This is my first chance to show the latest quilt off. I finished the entire thing from start (Friday 17th February @ 11 pm) to binding (last stitch was Wednesday 21st February @ 10 pm) in only 5 days. Admittedly most of the blocks were already sewn (from another project), but I'm impressed that I managed to stay this focussed for so long. Plus do all that machine quilting. Oy.

Fun with Valori and Jane

It helped that I had a deadline - the Cobargo Folk Festival was coming up (last weekend) and I was going to be sleeping in a cabin for 2 nights. Or course I needed a quilt! Doesn't everyone?

However, even given the deadline, I didn't get stressed about this, and nor did my back give me too much trouble. I'm rather impressed with myself, and I'm not saying that because I'm being

Detail of quilting Detail of quilting
I just love this quilt.


  1. This should keep you nice and warm, it's so bright and cheery. You did a good job of the quilting too.

  2. I just love this quilt too, its beautiful! Love the fussy cuts of the flowers inside the larger square blocks, stunning! Love it!!!! Well done on getting it done so fast! :)

  3. It's great! Well done.

    Helen in NZ

  4. Love your bright quilt and yes deadlines are great.
    Your Dresden Plate is also very interesting.
    Natalie at Loxton SA

  5. Great Quilt! Those colours are fantastic.
    Nice to come across another Canberra quilter. Are you an Addicted to Fabric girl? I'm on North-side but I get down there whenever my butget allows.
    I found your blog through the Flickr English paper piecing group.

  6. Beautiful quilt. Love the colours. It works so well


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