Saturday, October 27, 2007

They ain't got what we got

First barbie of the season

Tonight we had the first barbie of the season - we would have had it 2 nights ago, but for all this glorious rain we've been having! Anyway, sitting out on the deck, crocheting a sock while Mr QM wielded the barbie tongs was my definition of bliss. No music on the stereo was required, as we were serenaded by the frogs in the pond as the currawongs sang a tune.

For whatever reason I am having another lovely lazy weekend, and it will be a long one as I have Monday off work. I want to get a heap of sewing done - I am very behind, and with the weather getting warmer I suddenly have nothing to wear. Poor Magda has been wearing the same half-made blouse for 4 months.

In SSOS news, I have finished the first sock of pair number 3 - using the lovely rosebud yarn from Katt. I used two different patterns for this sock and it my favourite sock yet - it fits beautifully and I quite enjoyed making a short-rowed heel.

It's too dark to take photos now - tomorrow perhaps.


  1. yay! Barbie season has begun. How lovely!

    Does Mr QM ever say, 'can we eat a meal without photographing it for the blog first?'

    Mr Bells says it all the time. The fact that many of the photos don't make it to the blog seems to elude him.

  2. That sounds just wonderful, I'm not surprised that qualifies as bliss!

  3. Mr GKT just rolls his eyes at "more photos? dont tell me youre going to blog THIS?"!!

    It does indeed sound blissful...and noice looking salads there too!


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