Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet

Minicluster lace socks

These socks have been an Australian Open journey.

They were started on Thursday night during the Safin v Baghdatis match, and completed last night when a Serbian genius finally wiped the court with Lley-Lley's arse.

Both events - the finishing and the wiping - were very satisfying.

In honour of poor Lley-Lley, I dragged myself out of bed this morning to take this photo. Please excuse swollen nose and bad hair - I'm sick.

C'mon Balboa!

C'MON!!!! I am not embarassed to tell you this is what I was yelling out every time I picked up the darning needle to sew these suckers up.

Pattern: Minicluster lace socks from "Crocheted Socks" by Janet Rehfeldt and Mary Jane Wood

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in Heathered Loden. I started with 110g and only have 6g left. Thank God for digital kitchen scales.

Hook: 4mm bamboo for ribbing and 4.5mm bamboo for sock. The original pattern specified 3.5mm so either the designer is dreaming or I'm a tight hooker.

Notes: I made the leg shorter as I knew I had limited yarn. I will definitely use CTH again - it is so soft and it doesn't snag or split. I will also look at making this pattern again - the socks are softer than the usual crocheted sock, and quite stretchy. I'll make them with more foundation stitches next time though as I have trouble getting them over my size 11 foot - unless I can find myself a 4.75mm hook, in which case I'll be peachy keen to just stick with the pattern and ditch the hook recommendations. 5mm would just be ridiculous, don't you think?

Now excuse me while I head back to bed.


  1. Ha ha - nice photo!!!

    Socks look great - you are very clever!

  2. Very impressed by your committment. Great photo.

    Also impressed by how soft those socks were.

  3. love the socks! Is that book available in Oz?

  4. Marcie - thanks. Yes, the book is available here but you may have to hunt for it. I bought mine at Kinokuniya in Sydney over a year ago.

  5. nice. very nice. good impersonation too :)

  6. Once again, I disgraced myself at work by laughing out loud!

    Well done, socks look great.

  7. Beautiful socks! They certainly look soft and comfy.

  8. I can't swear to it, but I thought I saw a 4.75 hook in Spotlight this morning?

    Those socks are FABULOUS. I think I must be an (ahem) looser hooker than you. I'd probably need the 3.5mm!

    Hope you feel better soon (and ta for the link about the Lara Croft needlework, how cool is that??)


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