Monday, January 5, 2009

Be healthy, happy and green

This is my favourite summer lunch.

Best summer lunch - ever

A breadroll with cheese and salad, with all of the salad coming from our garden.

How cool is that?

Yesterday I harvested the first cucumber and the first tomato (a Black Russian - it's gorgeous!) and then, well, we ate them. The lettuce we've been picking since winter - but going outside each lunch and dinner to pick the lettuce for salad still isn't getting old in this family. Oh no. Definitely not. We still think it's very cool.

Home made bread

Last year I documented my adventures in making
bread and cheese, and this year I want to definitely do more bread making. A friend has loaned me her breadmaker, so I might have to see what the fuss is about. And as luck would have it, Suzy Hausfrau has just given us her tips for breadmaking which I think I'm going to find very useful.

But maybe when the days are a little cooler. And after I've done something with the 7000 kilos (well no really, but it seems like it) of apricots I have currently sitting on top of my washing machine. After my swim yesterday we went back to Julie's house and I helped her pick the rest of her apricots. I totally scored for my efforts. Last night I made apricot icecream. Tonight will be jam. Tomorrow night might be apricot tart. Or more icecream. It's certainly delicious.


  1. Oooh, thanks for sharing some summer! I love homemade bread. It's been a while since we did that... perhaps that'll be our baking this week. 'Cause I have all good intentions of some semblance of a schedule now that it's January...

  2. Oh wow, eating lunch from the garden - how delicious. And apricots are definitely one of my favourite fruits too. Enjoying your summer holiday posts!

  3. That's quite a delicious looking lunch, the greens look great.

    I wholeheartedly recommend waiting for cooler days for bread making. I made bread yesterday but waited for the cool for the evening... the bread came out of the oven at around 11pm!

  4. mmmm Suzy makes ACE bread!!!!
    TSS might have some advice on apricots too =)
    See you tomorrow!!

  5. Mmm, apricots. Always makes me think of my Nan and her trees. Apricots from the shop just don't taste as good.

  6. I just stewed up most of my apricots last night.

    Your lunch sounds delicious and healthy. Very nice.

  7. MM, I made bread yesterday, too - and just like Emma, I waited till late to bake it, when it was cooler. Lovely and fresh for breakfast, yum.

  8. salad straight from the garden - that's very cool!

  9. Oh yum, now I'm starving! I love summer foods, especially tomatoes from the garden, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything apricot!

  10. looks scrummy! i have only picked herbs from my pots so far, still waiting for the lettuce and toms, but you have made my mouth water in anticipation!

  11. we are also loaded with apricot gifts - but they are on the turn after much munching. I can't decide if it is too hot for making jam. love the garden produce though.

  12. The just looks SOOOOO good. I am salivating just looking at it!


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