Thursday, March 12, 2009


I love autumn.

Virginia creeper

There is something about it's freshness and the changes that have yet to come. Coming from the tropics, I'd never experienced autumn until I moved to Canberra, and it's one of the many reasons why I love Canberra so much.

It's also a time when the daytime temperatures are a little less fierce, but when the sun dips below the horizon the temperature can suddenly drop. And I think autumn, more than spring or summer, inspires me to do stuff. Especially stuff around the home which has needed doing for quite some time. Painting, planting, cleaning, sorting, starting, finishing. Doing something about this wall, for instance.

Sandpit wall

But not this weekend. After the last few weeks of nine and ten hour days at work, I've been granted a few hours off tomorrow afternoon. I'm going away for the weekend by myself, but I'll be surrounded by friends both new and old.

Which I reckon will be pretty nice, don't you?


  1. I love autumn too! And we WILL have fun at dinner - I think it's tram stop number 120, by the way. Looking forward to it - must go and finish my swap gift now though, nothing like leaving things until the last possible minute! See you at dinner!

  2. I like the chill in the evening air - and being able to wear a light cardigan or wrap. Bit less fond of the early darkness, but you have to take the bad with the good hey.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Oh, Michelle, come experience autumn in New England. It's truly done perfectly here. I promise. If you like autumn, then it's like the Autumn Mothership or something.

    Meanwhile, I'm excited about the longer days, and also that daylight savings means it's darker a little bit longer in the mornings. That means KIDS SLEEP LATER! Before I know it the sun will be rising at 5 am, and so will the children. I'm enjoying the reprieve.

  4. I love Autumn here too. And I'm assuming that you just want to touch up that seascape on the wall? No?

  5. Another vote for Autumn here. Not being a hot weather person, I'm always relieved when it's noticeably darker earlier in the evening, and mid 20s is unseasonably warm.

    Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like it's going to be lovely!

  6. I'm looking forward to the changing colours of the trees - that would have to be my favourite but of autumn.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Lovely to meet you last night. I'm off now to have a bit of a look around before the kids start begging for their weekends pancakes.

  8. oh isn't it devine- col mornings and crisp clear skies - it is so exciting. I hope you had a great weekend

  9. Oh my...I am one of those "new friends" you mention at the end of this post. Hooray!

    What fun we had! I am back home in Sydney now and I stil feel so full of life and laughter from being around you crazy, crafty, cheerful Melbourne bloggers.

    I have enjoyed looking through your blog! Such wonderful crocheting, reminds me of my dear Grandma who loved to crochet. In my family, the crafty gene skips a daughter is very crafty. Oh well, at least I have my belly-dancing to fall back on.

  10. I'm with you, autumn is my favourite season by far. Just gorgeous days and nights :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend away!


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