Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Will we have rainbows day after day?

Since last we spoke, I:

* have made quince paste and quince jelly, and I only burnt my hand, arm, forehead and foot** with the volcanic quince paste brew. I was expecting much worse.

* discovered that paying only $8 a kilo for regular mince from Coles is not worth it when there is so much fat in your bolognese sauce that no one can eat it, even with straining. It didn't look at all fatty when I bought it. Damn you, Coles.

* received not only the Saffron Craig fabric, but some lovely wooden stamps from a Japanese seller. Soon there will be photos.

* had such a longing to make a quilt, it actually hurt. Please, please, please let me have some time off work soon.

* had a job interview ***

* baked bread using the Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day book.

* discovered that I'm a fan of the smell of baking bread, but the smell of fermenting yeast not so much.

* crocheted one sock but not sewn it up.

* bought a paper shredder to make disposal of financial papers from 1991 a little easier.

* had absolutely no time to read blogs, and now I have 239 to deal with. Nope, make that 241.

* have bought air tickets for not one, but two mini holidays away.

* planted lots of bulbs in the front garden so that I can have my own mini Floriade in spring.

Pink Tulip

Between now and when we next speak, I may have:

* recovered from the sore hamstrings I sustained from planting millions of bulbs in my front garden

* changed the name of this blog

* decided whether to bake or buy a birthday cake for Mr Quiltingmick's 40th birthday dinner.

* designed a quilt.

* eaten a bit too much quince paste.

* seen at least one performance at the Canberra International Music Festival.

* applied for at least one other job.

* finished shredding the last of the papers.

* wished the Aunty Chelle Admiration Society a happy third birthday.

* relaxed.

** I burnt my foot because I took my slippers off and cooked barefoot. I took my lovely new slippers off because I didn't want them damaged by boiling, shooting quince paste. I really was not expecting the paste to shoot that far away from the pot, obviously.
*** While standing at the stove and dealing with boiling quince paste, I was also reading my job application in preparation for the interview. When I got to the interview, I took my application out of my handbag ... and the pages were stuck together with little dots of quince.


  1. Hehehe, who knew that quince could be such a good adhesive??

    Can't wait for all the photos! I live vicariously through you when it comes to fantastic fabric and things made out of said fabric. :)

  2. i love the idea of job application paperwork being dotted with quince paste. I hope it made you smile.

  3. it is a shame someone won't pay you an awful lot of money just keep being the domestic goddess you are?

  4. I am glad I am not the only person in the world who has burnt their foot cooking! With me it was cauliflower soup sputtering everywhere.

    Good luck with the jobs too.

  5. Oh well, at least you would have had a good story at the interview (I think!)

    I love the idea of mini floriade in your front yard, makes the aches worth it.

    Hope you get the quilt done, all of those exciting possibilities!

    (well, except the shredding. I've got records and stuff from forever ago as well!)

  6. I know it probably wasn't funny at the time, but I had to chuckle at the sticky job application!

  7. It was the mini Floriade that had me blurting my tea all over the keyboard. I'm really trying to feel your pain but you're making it all way too hilarious.


  8. O, I would love to share that quince paste with you. They are so much work to prepare but so absolutely yummy. I hope your burns repair fast and don't leave you scarred. Cherrie

  9. Did I warn you about the nasty nature of the paste (I hope so, otherwise I feel terribly responsible! - I still have a scar on my forearm from my last foray - I swore I would wear welders gloves and a leather apron next time!)
    A busy week. Once I had red wine rings on one of my applications. I got the job, but it was a close run thing!

    AND MY SECURITY WORD IS: GAFFE! - someone else must be reading your posts!

  10. Hehe should i be afraid of our jelly swap??
    Apple say hi =)

  11. Ow. I hope you heal quickly. My..(er..there's no word for our relationship - she's married to my ex-husband. That makes her D'Arcy's step-mother) Anyway...she's currently sporting a nasty burn on her hand from bottling quince jelly. Nasty stuff, but yummy at the end.

    Excellent bumping into you the other day.

  12. Ooh hot sugar is a painful burn I hope you have something pain killing for it!
    Good luck with the job interviews, the thought of them always scares me spitless.
    Haven't gotten around to planting my bulbs yet, I should get to it soon or I might forget!

  13. A hive of productivity! I'm envious!

    I'm sorry to hear about the quince jelly burns and it's attraction to your job application. I have to guilty admit that I did giggle at it being in your job application, as I could see the same thing happening to me!

  14. ouch, ouch, ouch. Having recently spilled pasta water on my foot (also after removing slippers), I know how much a burn to the foot can hurt. Hope it gets better soon.

    But quince jelly , mmm!

  15. I made three lasagne dishes of quince paste too this year and my legs were so sore standing by the stove constantly stirring (and also removing exploding blobs of quince from surrounding cupboards, benches and floor)that I ended up sitting on the bench next to the stove and resting my legs along the edge of the sink to finish off the 2 hours it took to do the cooking!!


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