Saturday, February 20, 2010

Garden, I miss you

Dear vegie patch,

I'm sorry we haven't been able to spend much time together in the last few months, but you know how it is. You make me sneezy and hivey, dear garden. Oh I know it's not your fault that I can't touch cucumber plants and potato plants and, well any furry plant that you grow. I also know it's not your fault that your pollen and grasses render me useless without copious amounts of antihistamine and a good lie down in a darkened room.

I know you've seen me peering jealously from behind a closed window as the other gardener tends you, plants you and harvests you. But you can rest assured that I have been enjoying the harvest.

Vegetable harvest

And I'm enjoying cooking with it and eating it too.

Eggplant pizzaiola - serve

I pray that the desensitising injections work and we can meet again this coming spring.

Until then, I remain your faithful, if absent, friend,

Michelle xo


  1. I have had great results from Jungle Brolly's Hand Shield lotion (from my local pharmacy - made in SA). Rub it into my hands and arms before gardening and voila! no nasty plant-engendered skin reaction. Also keeps the dirt out. Absolutely no help against the sneezes though, of course.

  2. How frustrating to be kept out of your garden - but what lovely produce and meals. I'm a little envious!

  3. Oh no! How frustrating for you. Hopefully you can get back in there next Spring.

  4. Oh no - I am so lucky not to have that issue with the garden - although I do have to be careful about gloves.

    Your produce looks beautiful - and the eggplant particularly lush.

  5. wow - that looks DELISH
    We're all hoping they can 'make it work' with your desensitising injections too - max says Tim Gunn won't be the same without you! =)

  6. I too have been lamenting a summer without a vegie garden, but unlike you lucky person have no other interested party to tend to my patch...enjoy your harvest!

  7. oh thats making me hungy and i just had breakfast.

  8. Oh no to be unable to escape to the garden would be horrible, I do hope your desensitisation works.

  9. How frustrating! I hope the injections work!


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