Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You say potato ...

Potato and rhubarb

Coming back from our few days away, I was disappointed to see that my tomatoes still hadn't ripened, the parsley has not returned from the dead, and the capsicums were a very miserable size. It's enough to make you wonder whether all this hard work is really worth it, especially when I have to buy tomatoes from the supermarket. And then I just read that Dixiebelle, a local gardener, is of the same opinion.

So I had to put some perspective on it in order to keep my sanity. Just because some vegetables aren't ready yet doesn't mean they won't be. It's all about practicing patience. And when I think more about it, I did manage to harvest rhubarb, my second cucumber, nectarines and potatoes yesterday. I've never managed a successful crop of potatoes before! I was so excited.

My other herbs are doing just fine, and I can toss sage through my potatoes tonight (I just called a friend and invited her around for smoked trout, home-grown potatoes and lettuce, and store-bought tomatoes. And stewed rhubarb. Yum.)

Baked and smashed potatoes

This is what we had for dinner last night - baked and smashed potatoes with sour cream, chives, bacon and cheese. I can't recommend this type of meal enough for summer. Except if it's a 34 degree day and you don't fancy having your oven on for an hour and a bit at 200 degrees celcius. Things could get a bit hot and nasty then.


  1. There is nothing like harvesting your own crops I say.

  2. That's one of my most favourite ways to eat potatoes. Yum!
    Vegie gardening is such hard work compared to the convenience of buying from the supermarket, but freshly grown definitely tastes better (even for someone like me who doesn't like vegies).

  3. Might I say, it's terribly rude of your parsley to have not resurrected itself while you were away.

    Despite the parsley's rudeness, that harvest is nothing to be sneezed at! We're currently waiting for carrots, capsicum, chilli, corn, tomatoes and lemons to come through and it's making me terribly impatient. No doubt they'll be ready to be picked all at the same time...

  4. Oh our tomatoes are woeful. I'm only just getting fruit. My parsley is thriving - from new seedlings though. Feel free to come and get some of mine whenever you need it. Not sure how my potatoes are going to go, have been somewhat neglectful.


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