Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good things by good people

{Photo by Kate}

Kate over at Fox's Lane made this dress. Isn't it gorgeous? But are you thinking the fabrics look a little familiar?

Dress #1 McCalls 5640 View A March 12 Cutting out

I sent Kate a heap of my dress making scraps because I knew she'd make good use of them. So glad I did! And the dress is for sale in Kate's online shop. I only wish I had a niece!


  1. Brilliant!!!
    I'm going to link right back.
    Thank you soooooooo much again. X

  2. Wow! Now that's the best recycling ever.

  3. Now how fun is that???? YOu made me smile...I need that at the end of the school day. I saw the dress at Foxes lane last week... but little did I know you were the purveyor (sp?) of the swish fabric selection. Good on ya.

  4. love a bit of sharing and repurposing, that is great.

  5. Lovely! It's so nice to see how fabric scraps get used up.

  6. Best use of scraps I say!

    Had to pop by to inform you how much i adored your comment. Thanks to you, it's possible I shall sail through with dignity intact after all.

  7. Love it - you are such a nice person to share your scraps:)


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