Monday, March 26, 2012

OWOP Day 2

The problem with wearing an essentially summery pattern for OWOP at the end of March in Canberra?

It's bloody cold.

Sure the days are delightful with their 22 degrees of sunny warmth, but the mornings are positively frigid. I feel the cold a lot more these days (must be the old age and lack of circulation) so mornings are always a struggle to find an appropriate cardigan to wear with my summer frock and open toed sandals.

Because I am nothing if not stubborn about when the winter clothes come out (April 1st and not a moment before).

OWOP Day 2

Today's OWOP effort is the 2011 Christmas Frock, aka Simplicity 2938 with a drastic redrafting of the top, the addition of a skirt. I'd never worn this to work before, but seeing as I'm no longer wearing it to the niecewedding this Saturday, I thought I'd give it a turn.

OWOP Day 2

I paired it with my favourite cardigan. It's red, it's warm and it has bows on it. What more could a girl want?

In cocktail dress news, I shouldn't have sewn anything tonight. I stabbed my finger under the nail with a pin, I scorched some of the lace by accident, and I almost took my finger off by placing it too close to a fast moving machine needle. But I persevered, and kept right away form the overlocker, and now I have the facings sewn in and flipped. Next will be to do some hand sewing of the facing into the dress so it doesn't flip back out. I have another issue with the dress - the problem with stretch polyester-backed lace is that the seams don't iron iron flat. Not with starch, rajah cloth or sheer determination. I am faced with tacking down the seams by hand if I want the dress to sit right.

Cocktail dress - facings

I love hand sewing.

But I'm tempted to use vlisofix on this occasion and call it done.


  1. OOoh, I love that cardi, and your perfect polyester fabric is fabulous!

  2. That is the best cardie EVER!!!! Wow, you've been through the wars on this dress make.

  3. re; vlisofix (which i'm assuming is glue) DO IT. it would be the perfect inner rebellion against the black tie!

    love your outfit. those shoes are killing me.

  4. Love the red cardi with this dress - what, no thermals under the dress at all!!! I'm an old Canberra girl and distinctly remember the chilly starts to the day - not missing it AT ALL up here in Brissie....

  5. I'm a sucker for floral print - and I'd wear that dress in a heartbeat. It is gorgeous! The cardigan too. Where did you get it? I thought I had a knack for finding amazing cardigans, but it seems like I've missed a few..


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