Monday, October 22, 2012

Trade Winds and Stars quilt

Trade-Winds-and-Stars---ful copy

I am so happy to have my first ever pattern in the Moda Bake Shop. Yes! I baked a quilt!

It's such a super simple quilt. Minimal cutting, no points to get fussy over. but the slanted stars effect of the blocks is what I love the most.

Trade Winds and Stars - half on seat

For the first time ever I used solid fabrics for the back and I really like how it turned out, especially with the straight line quilting I did.


I hope this is a quilt that Monique will love for a very, very long time.

Trade Winds and Stars - full on seat

Otherwise she can just give it back (joking).


  1. Love the front fabrics, and love the back too. I might have to try this recipe!

  2. Your quilt is lovely! Will be building one of those for myself! Thanks for the pattern/tutorial!

  3. Gorgeous... Love the bright bold border.. Great job on the quilting...

  4. That's really lovely, what a great idea... simple but very stunning.

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous and sure to be well loved :-)

  6. Really love the colour ways , beautiful job, might try this one myself but am partial to the cross design. mmm..

  7. Love it - and congratulations on having your pattern published! Woo hoo!

  8. Loving the redness of it! (I know, you are amazed, aren't you!). Congratulations on being a featured baker! How cool!

  9. gorgeous exciting to be featured on my favourite quilt making site!

  10. Hi i am visting you to tell you that I have made my own version of "Trade Winds and Stars Quilt". I used Reunion by Moda and I absolutely love it !!
    Please come and take a look at my blogg.. Thank you so much for your wonderful pattern;-))


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