Wednesday, January 1, 2014


No - I'm not being rude.  #finishit2014 is the hashtag people over on Instagram are using to categorise the projects they are going to try to finish off in 2014.

People = a lot of people wanting to finish quilts, and me.

Hi. My name is Michelle and I'm a startaholic.  I love to start quilts.  I don't so much like to finish them, not  because I don't like them, but because OOH SHINY I MUST MAKE THAT NEW THING AND RIGHT NOW.

I have a LOT of UFOs in my possession.  

I've decided to bring them out one by one, state where I am up to, and what I need to do to finish it.

The first unfinished quilt off the blocks is my Lotta Hexies quilt.  This is entirely English paper pieced using the Lotta Jansdotter fabric I bought at Purl Soho in New York in October 2011.  It consists of 3 inch hexagons and diamonds and I probably have three-quarters of it pieced.

By hand.

I have a lot more to go on it though - besides the piecing.  I'm appliquéing (also by hand) the sides to two strips of the grey homespun to give it a bit more width, and to break the mash of grey and yellow and ochre up a bit. And then I thought I might, you know, quilt it myself (by machine - I'm not that silly).

Did I mention it will be Queen sized?

So the aim is to have this on my bed, quilted and bound, by the end of the Australian summer. That will be heaps of time, if you don't count the 10 hours a day I am currently doing house renovations and the fact I don't have a sewing room and can't find the grey homespun fabric as it has been packed in a box somewhere.

#finishit2014.  Who's joining me?


  1. Love those fabrics- good luck with your timeline and finishes for 2014. I hope your CCCQ also comes out.

  2. Yep, I'm in! I saw your hashtag on IG and thought it perfect for me. Most of my UFO's are stuff for me to wear, and I want more new stuff for me to wear- I have to learn to say no to people *sigh*. The quilt i'm Instagramming/Instaspamming is about 18mths old- a good one to finish first!

  3. Hi Michelle nice to see you back!
    Love your hexies and who says you have to finish ANYTHING.
    When it becomes a chore it's time for a break like your blogging.
    A little each night gets heaps done before you realise it.
    Happy NY and keep on sewing.

  4. I'm joining you!!!

    That quilt is going to look awesome when it is finished

  5. Welcome back! I've just got one quilt on the go at the moment as quilting is relatively new for me. But it needs to be finished because golly gosh, it cost a bomb and will cost another bomb when I get it long arm quilted.

  6. lol Hi Michelle! My name is Michele and I am a start-a-holic too. The hashtag makes me laugh. I have a list of things I could use it on. Now the big question....which one to finish first.

  7. I adored this quilt way back then, and I still think of it. I had a dream last night I made a similar quilt, well, a wall handing, using large hexies and diamonds and using my Carolyn Friedlander fabrics. I might have to make this dream a reality. I am great at starting things too. Hope you are well. Cat


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