Monday, July 11, 2016

The reward system

Nine days ago, I realised I had a massive EPP quilt to finish piecing, then applique the sides on, baste, quilt, bind, sleeve and label. In just 27 days.

I now have 18 days left but at least I'm a little closer.
That reward system I mentioned in my last post has definitely been doing the trick. Because I love making the pyramid blocks so much (and also Liberty. Total swoon), having that little carrot at the end of each task has helped break up the tedium of a boring queen sized quilt.

I prepared 11 blocks, and divided them up into rewards for milestones. I'm allowing myself to make one block at the end of each process:

  • Finish the EPP 
  • Pull the papers out and starch the edges 
  • Trim the side borders and glue EPP top to them
  • Applique by hand
  • Sew the backing
  • Baste the quilt
  • Quilt - I'm allowing myself two blocks for the epic task of quilting a queen sized quilt
  • Bind by machine
  • Sew down by hand
  • Label and sleeve

So far I've made two blocks. I actually have another two blocks owing to me, but I'm saving them up till I can find my sewing machine amongst the rubble of quilt show prizes on the sewing table at the moment (a BOX of rulers! Can you even imagine what that looks like or how amazing it is?). Of course, the moment I can find my sewing machine, I'm going to be piecing the backing. Gotcha. Another block rewarded.


I have used basting glue a heap of times, usually for little blocks or little quilts. I've never basted a large top to long strips of fabric before, as I did with this quilt to give it grey homespun sides. NEVER AGAIN. What a messy, fiddly crawling-on-the-floor job that was. But the sides are on now, and appliqued down, and my butt muscles have recovered. Maybe I'll do it again ...


I really need to stop blogging about it and get moving - 4 years in the making (I started it during the last Olympic Games!) means it's definitely time to to finish it and get it on my bed.

Anyone want to come over and help me baste it? I promise toned abs and tight butt muscles by the end of it.


  1. Looking good, and on schedule - well done. It looks fabulous on your bed!! I always pretend basting is heaps of fun to try to entice my hubby into helping, he hasn't fallen for it yet. Loving your Panama Pyramid Liberty blocks!!

  2. It's looking awesome so far! Loving the "rubble of quilt show prizes" .... one of the few sewing problems I am never likely to encounter :)


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