Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Girls, girls, girls!

Have I ever mentioned my love of Blythe dolls? No?

Oh well, here it is - I love Blythe!! I have 5 girls - Estella, Aurora Australis (aka Rory), Gracie, Blue and Mango.

One of my favourite hobbies lately is making little Blythe outfits. I already make and sell a lot of stripey tights on the Blythe forum. I found a pattern for vintage Skipper "town togs", and decided to make one. Which became 3. With more on the way!

Here's a photo of Mango, Estella and Blue sporting their town togs, the latest thing to be seen in on the Canberra Blythe fashion scene!

Mango, Estella and Blue model their town togs


  1. They are great little outfits. I liked your contribution for the month of softies too.

  2. Thanks Michelle! I just had a look at your site too - fantastic illustrations! To have your talent!

    Michelle x

  3. Where do I get one of these desirable dolls? C'mon - fess up!


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