Monday, January 17, 2005

Vintage Catwalk

I have been painting my patio in the stifling heat for the last week, and only have 3 days left of holidays. These last days are to be just for ME. (I tried telling this to the friends who invited themselves over for lunch on Wednesday, but they obviously weren't listening.)

So part of the ME time today was making my contribution to Loobylu's "A Month of Softies" for January. The theme was "Vintage Catwalk" and I only decided on what to do when I was tidying up my sewing area. I came across a Japanese book on making little tiny flat toys - so I used it's kitty pattern. I added a vintage Italian lace flower to her noggin. I'm quite pleased with the result - I have been dying to use the little packet of these lace flowers since I got them, and now the perfect project!

Vintage Catwalk

It is made out of wool felt, has glass bead eyes, vintage Italian lace and is stitched with cotton thread. Size is TINY, but not unmanageable.


  1. Your cat is so cute!

    -Super K

  2. Ha! I found your blog!
    I'm a regular visitor to Loobyloo, and saw your name on the Month of Softies Christmas Hangup gallery, and thought it must be you. And it is!
    Nice blog. Lovely cat.

    I'll be in Canberra this Thursday and Friday and next Thursday and Friday (working down the bottom of Mort Street) - want to do lunch?

    Cheers, Kt
    My blog - The DepartmentTouchwood's blog

  3. She's tiny but oh so sweet!!


  4. Well done again, your cat is so cute.

  5. how cute! i'm curious what book it came out of, if the others are as sweet as this, then i must find it!! that would a great gift idea for some friends of mine...could you post, or email me the title?

  6. Hello, I'm dying to know where you got this pattern, or which book it came from. You did an excellent job, it looks sooo cute!! Please if you have a chance I would be so interested to find out some info from you about the kitty you made, my email address is..

    Thank you tons,

  7. Hi Cerise and Lissa,

    I don't have a title for the book because it is in Japanese and I don't speak it! However the ISBN is ISBN4-8347-6317-X. Hope that helps!

  8. Totaly cute kittie! Love it!

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