Friday, November 9, 2007

Listen to the voices, the ones that are calling me

Last night I came to an awful realisation. I'm sure many of you have come to the same realisation before. I'd been crocheting the back for Short and Sweet, and was 12 inches into it. Suddenly I thought to look at the instructions. Yep. I should have stopped at 6 inches, added the two front pieces, and then continued making the body as one piece.

What a fool.

As much as I love the pattern that is Short and Sweet, I really hate crocheting with the Bamboozle. But I love the feel and the drape of what I have done so far, so I think I will frog and then make a concerted effort to finish it. Just not right now.

Has anyone made anything with this yet?

Cleckheaton Bamboo

Because I have and it is MAGNIFICENT stuff. I'm crocheting another Boteh scarf as a Christmas gift for a friend. Love. That's what it is. True love.

Boteh scarf number 2

This rain we've been having all night has been beautiful - a great start to what will hopefully be a great weekend.


  1. Michelle, if you go to

    you'll see Donni has just completed a top in this very same bamboo. It's beautiful! And I have seen it up close and touched it and it's so soft and lovely. good choice!

  2. Thanks Michelle - I've been wondering what bamboo yarns are easily accessible other than the Bamboozle - this one looks fantastic! And you know I love the Boteh! Good luck wtih the Short & Sweet - it will be worth it in the end!

  3. Err.. Can't say I've seen it in an op shop near me so far ;-)

  4. I was just playing with that stuff last night. I am thinking about a scarf for my wool-sensitive mum. It is LOVELY though no memory or give - a bit like silk I guess?

  5. I have that bamboo but in the green shade (the original not the new). I am still trying to work out what to do with it. Thinking baby dress and then selling it on my Etsy.



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