Friday, November 16, 2007

Whatever. Nevermind. *

I've calmed down a little. And taken some of the harsher sentences out.

Although I have been a crocheter since I was a wee lass, I'd never been part of a knitting or crochet community until about March or April this year. No Stitch 'n' Bitch. No Ravelry. No Knitting Daily newsletters or CrochetMe or even blogging about crochet.

I do occasionally wonder about the hostility and (dare I say it?) hatred towards crocheted items both online and in real life.

I know how to knit. I just don't like it. I prefer to crochet. If you don't like crochet or the fact that I crochet and don't knit, keep your opinion to yourself - I'm not interested. And if, for heaven's sake, a free daily knitting newsletter dares to bring some news and information about crochet, just once every couple of months, why should it matter to you?
Why all the hatred?

* please note this post is not directed at anyone personally. I'm just tired of the general attitude. It sucks, it's hurtful, and it's enough to make me want to go back to blogging about quilting and gardening only.

Now, for those who hate crochet, you can look away now. Go over to Yarn Harlot or something. She hates crochet too.

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Currently quite poor due to an antique solar hot water system which needs replacing, I've decided to crochet all my friends' Christmas gifts this year. Lucky for me I only have three friends ;-)

The Boteh for J continues, and I am still enamoured of the Cleckheaton Bamboo.
Boteh continues

I bought the Yarn magazine for the first time yesterday, mainly because I finally saw a crocheted item I liked (they only ever have one project at most in the magazine so I have to make sure it's worth me spending my money on it). The Radiant Lace Shawl is just lovely - not too sure the Bambi yarn is doing it justice, but I didn't have any lovely handspun on me at home. This shawl is for H when she is working late at night in her office in Melbourne.

Radiant Lace Shawl

I haven't slept in two days and I'm wiped. I'm going to bed and tomorrow morning I shall probably die of embarassment over this post, but I'm still mad. I'll probably just keep it to myself in future (ironically, I wonder why people who hate crochet can't keep that to themselves?).


  1. Ironic, too, that it's me that comments first.

    My comment is - BUGGER 'EM! You love it and that's the important thing. You craft unique and creative items that feed your soul and demonstrate your love for others.

    People try to make themselves feel important by belittling or excluding others. It's wrong, it's stupid and it's hurtful. You, however, are not. I will probably never like crochet - it doesn't inspire me. But I like and am inspired by you and your commitment to your preferred needlecrafts.

    Hope you get some sleep and don't apologise for expressing your feelings on your blog.

  2. Hey mick don't worry. You have every right to that rage. It's appalling the way they carry on. I don't think I've seen any subject bring out the stupidity as much as this one.

    You're doing some gorgeous work right now!

  3. You know, I've actually been surprised at the wars between crocheters and knitters on Ravelry and the knitting daily site.

    I don't understand why people with the same passion (to create beautiful objects with yarn and stick/s) can hate on each other so much.

    I just had a thought though - men have been doing this for years. Hello? Ford vs Holden!

    Meanwhile, I don't want you to stop posting your FOs etc, I love them!

    ok? Ok!

  4. You're right - it's irrational prejudice (like all the best types of blind hatred, really). Meanwhile, please keep posting - I don't get to see much crochet, and like seeing more modern items on your blog. When my love affair with knitting lessens, no doubt I'll be back to the hook.

  5. I agree with those who say you have a right to be mad. I am a knitting..always have been..And I can honestly say I am Jealous of people able to crochet. I mean I can do it. But I dont know what the stitches are called and I cant follow a pattern.

    I think everything you do is lovely. Ignore the haters, they are just jealous (tho I am jealous I am not a

    Love your scarf! Cant wait to see more of the shawl


  6. Yeah, what they said. Dotter has asked me to teach her how to crochet, so there will be one more in the world soon, too :) The Radiant Shawl is looking - radiant!

  7. Damn, I'm coming in late and missed some of the harsher sentences!

    On one level I don't understand why people can't just relate to each other on the level of 'we like to make stuff'. But then I know, there are idiots and thoughtless people everywhere. It's ridiculous. I think it's especially silly given that that KD article, if it's the one I think it is, was trying to address the idea that crochet is no good for garments because of drape, and I thought it was very interesting.

  8. Live and let live. Those who engage in these kind of ridiculous pointless exchanges just show themselves for the petty small-minded bigots (is that too harsh??) they really are. If we were all the same think how boring thw world would be.

    Keep doing your thing, you do it so well; I love what you do, and you for doing it.

  9. I love crochet - and I love knitting. They are different, but both beautiful int heir own way. To tell the truth, I prefer crochet in soe ways - less likely to drop stitches, and pulling out mistakes is half the effort. I love all the lovely stitches you can make - and the difference it makes to use 1mm hook and thread, and then using wool and a big hook.

    Enjoy what you do

    Janet McKinney

  10. I love crochet! I just don't get that there is animosity from knitters. We're both making things from yarn, just in different ways! Keep on showing us that lovely crochet that you do!

  11. Meh, don't let the crazies bother you. There are people out there who hate everything. Hell, I crocheted before I ever knitted! They are different from one another, but equally viable fibre arts. And hey, do you not have crochet mags over there? We have LOADS here. If you ever want any let me know and I can mail them out to you :)

  12. I didn't even realise until I started blogging that there was this huge amount of crochet-hate out there. I've been knitting since 7 and crocheting since 14 and love 'em both.
    btw I agree with you on the Radiant. It's now on my to-do list. My only concern is the edging looks a bit skimpy to me. I feel that it needs another row or some picots or something, but it may just be their photo. I'll be interested to see how yours fairs. It's looking sweet at the moment :]


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