Sunday, July 27, 2008

We’re gonna stick it out until it comes together

At 10.05 AEST last night, Cleckheaton Country Silk left Cérilly, bound for a neck warmer time trial which would test, tempt and lead to his ultimate fate. Should crumpets be imbibed before or after the arrival in Saint-Amand-Montrond? Would a cup of Irish Breakfast tea be frowned on by the anti-doping organisations?

Temptations shunned, and the occasional slipped stitch overcome, Country Silk arrived at the destination, forearm-weary from the tension of two strands, in a time of 57:21.76.

Neck warmer 3

Later, at 11.45 pm AEST, (after a feed bag of crumpets, cloudberry jam and a cup of tea), Patons Shadow Tweed departed Cérilly. Forearm pain was no problem for this single-strander. All was going well until he noticed that he was still in the 6.5 mm gear rather than the 6 mm gear...and then fatigue overtook and a little one hour nap on the couch happened. And then it was 2 am and ...

Oops. That was almost as bad as falling off the starting ramp while wearing the polka dot jersey. Oh the irony.

Determined to win the time trial, Shadow Tweed ripped out and started again 10 hours later. Agitated by the annoying voice of Michael Slater on Wide World of Sport, and interupted by the mister asking for a shopping list, he ploughed on to finish in a time of 51:22.53.

Neck warmer 4

The Maillot Jaune belongs to Patons Shadow Tweed!


  1. You are so funny! Love them both - but I think I was barracking for the Shadow Tweed!

  2. Hee hee! Love the shadow tweed - colour is fab!

  3. The country silk would be such a delight to wear, but that colour of the shadow tweed is gorgeous!

    Love the race report too. :)

  4. great post - you makes me laugh =)
    They are both beautiful - I think you're onto something with this neck-warmer business! =)

  5. OMG you're the speed queen! Love 'em!

  6. Hoorah for Shadow Tweed and the good laugh from reading your post.

    But who will be standing on the podium today?

  7. Love this post.

    We've been obsessively Tour de Francing over here as well, though I never thought to match it with a knitting marathon! Perhaps next year, though I can see myself losing a lot of time in the time trials - I am such a slow knitter.....

    Leah xx

  8. Funny post.

    They are both so gorgeous and I am with caffinr faerie, the country silk would be divine to wear. I actually think I have a couple of odd balls in my stash....

  9. he he he he, the tour was a no start. Hmpf the Singaporeans lack of interest in the race of all races. Been a little while between visits but so glad that someone else feels that Micheal Slater's voice is akin to someone running fingernails down a blackboard.


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