Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ah, autumn

Autumn, I love you. I love your cooler mornings and your warm sunny days. I love the fact you make me think hard about what to wear each day. For example, is 5 degrees cool enough to wear tights when it's going to be 23 degrees later in the day? I love that here in Canberra we won't turn on the heater, and we won't stop wearing sandals until Anzac Day. I love that the thoughts of roast lamb dinners and rhubarb crumble are never far from our minds.

Autumn leaves

I don't mind your pretty changing colours either. I don't even mind sweeping up your leaves.

Coming from the tropics, I still find it novel that at a time we should be preparing for full-time hibernation, we are instead busy - preparing our homes and gardens for an onslaught of cold weather, making clothes that are warm, and planning menus suitable for the coldest, darkest nights. But I suppose that all this preparation is a vital part of the hibernation process - no point heading into a cave for winter if you don't have enough food and warmth to keep you alive!

Speaking of keeping warm, I recently made a crocheted shawl and I have been wearing it as a triangular scarf non-stop. I really need to blog some photos of it before the pretty thing wears out. I am also making a crocheted cardigan at the moment which I'm hoping to finish in the next week or so. I'll need to - I'm getting sick of wearing the same black cardigans all the time.

Cardigan - in progress

It was too heavy to take on the plane for a day trip to Melbourne with friends yesterday, so I started this instead - another shawl, in the most divine teal-coloured Wollmeise sock yarn.

Teal crochet shawl

And I'm also making lots of sunnyboys and boxes for sockses and possibly some new types of project bags - my friend Carrie and I are sharing a stall at the Old Bus Depot Markets' "Celebration of Wool" day on May 16 this year. That is so frighteningly close! It's always a huge day in Canberra for those of us who love the yarn, hook and needle, so Carrie is busy dying up yarn and fleece, and I'm busy with my sewing machine. It's scary but we're excited!



  1. Gorgeous fabrics as always. Hope you had a nice day in Melbourne.

  2. Oooh, loving the look of your cardigan! The new shawl is looking lovely and bright too. Perfect for dark nights. The new tamarillo range is lovely too and those zippers are the perfect colour! :)

  3. That shawl is looking so lovely - one of my favourite colours too! What pattern are you using?

  4. so many beautiful things you have been up to

  5. Ooh, I love your shawl already! I'm finding it a list-making type of season at the moment - and absolutely freezing around the edges (given it's not time for heating yet...)

  6. pretty colours! =)
    the sunny boys look very autumny too =D

  7. Sounds like you're keeping busy. Love the colour of the shawl, and the fabric of those bags is gorgeous. I love Autumn. We got married 7 years ago today, our favourite time of year.

  8. can't wait for the stall - and totally agree with you on the autumn thing. I am so excited by it.

  9. I'm really liking the cooler weather too - but wish we got the beautiful autumn colours - not so much here!

    Loving both of your new projects - beautiful colours!!

  10. It's such a relief that Autumn's here, isn't it? Summer seemed to linger on I was never one to adhere to the 'no heater before Anzac Day' rule, my house was waaaaay too cold for that!

    I hope you had a lovely time in Melbourne town!

  11. The leaves were only just turning when I was up in Canberra. I can imagine how pretty they all look now.Would you believe I am wearing a summer dress and contempating a swim today.
    We haven't needed to retrieve the heaters out of the garage just yet.
    I love your Autumny Sunny Boys!


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