Thursday, April 22, 2010

My creative space


I've had two special bags to make this week - both for a lady I work with. She ordered them a few weeks ago but didn't want them until her birthday, which is today. I don't take custom orders these days due to my hecticness, but I made an exception for her, and it was great having lots of time to procrastinate create them. This one was the sunnyboy she wanted. I just love that orange zip. The other, not photographed, was a very large project bag - big enough for the aran jumper she is knitting this winter.

Finished product

I've been designing a new bag. It's been in my head and keeping me awake at nights as I tried to work out how to constuct it. Finally I'd had enough of the thinking and got up very early on Sunday morning. Out came the paper, the pins and the ruler, and finally, after an hour, I got it. It was all angles, and I'm proud of myself given geometry is not my strong suit. I'll be making the fabric version this week and testing it out.

Paper model - new bag

I sewed for most of the rest of Sunday, but when it came time to list the bags that afternoon I was burnt out and chose sleep instead. Tonight I had a little time to finally update my shop. Gosh, what a hard slog listing stuff on Etsy can be sometimes, especially when you're tired and you just want to go to bed!

April sunnyboys

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  1. ooh I'm intrigued by the new bag design, can't wait to see it in fabric!

  2. I've never seen anyone sew up a sample in paper before... intriguing!
    I hate updating my online shop. It's such a bore.

  3. I'm LOVING the paper mechanics and beside myself intrigued with the bag in progress...

  4. lovely lovely shop update Michelle. Love all that green, not to mention the orangey goodness.

  5. Great way of doing a prototype! Love the bags. Great shape!

  6. tell me about it on hard slog listing on Etsy! LOL
    Anyways, loving all your creation! :)

  7. Gorgeous fabrics as always. I love that you did a sample in paper - what a great idea. Not great for the sewing machine needles though...

  8. I love the bags. Also love the orange fabric. It's gorgeous :)

  9. Your bags are lovely!! And sewing a mock up in paper is ingenius :)

  10. Very clever solution and beautiful bags.

  11. your sewing photos are always such eye-candy! Those lovely fabrics! =)
    And I just love getting a glimpse into the design/inspiration process- thanks for sharing some of yours! =)


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