Monday, July 19, 2010

Skirt week - Grey Plaid Typing Pool


Except for the fact that I leave for work in the morning when it is below freezing and get home again in the dark, you wouldn't normally see this skirt in this state. Washing it would give it a chance for the bulbousness around the waist darts to settle down. I only finished it on Sunday morning while it was still too cold to get out in the garden, and then I forgot to give it a soak. And Sunday was the only chance to do any photographing outside. Oh well - at least you get to see what happens when you don't wash finished products!

Grey wool plaid skirt

This is another tartan/plaid wool blend fabric from Spotlight, but I think it may have more wool in it - maybe up to 50%. It was certainly a lot more ironable, and much less soapy feeling than the red tartan skirt when I was working with it. I decided on a bigger hem, and now you get to see my kneeeeees. The Mister doesn't like the grey tights with the skirt, but I do. A lot. I have three interviews this week - I wonder which one I will wear this outfit to?

Future skirt fabrics

And now I have these fabrics to look forward to sewing. I'm not sure they'll get made this week or after I return from Central Australia but they will be made! That's the best thing about winter-weight skirts - you can wear them from Autumn through to Spring here in Canberra.

I think I might need some amethyst coloured tights to go with the polka dot corduroy!


  1. You have a lovely pile of fabrics waiting. The green is my fave. Good luck with the interviews.

  2. Hope the interviews work out for you. The skirts are very inspiring. I should get the sewing machine out again one of these days...

  3. All our fingers and toes are crossed for you! You'll look smashing!

  4. Loving the spots - can't wait to see what that becomes. I was going to post on the last blog entry about the hem and wondering if you'd go shorter. I like the length. And the tights? Awesome.

  5. Love, love, LOVE this skirt. I don't know whether it's the colours or the pattern (or both) but it looks fantastic!

    I'm SO getting back on my sewing machine when I get back! :D

  6. Like your skirts too - but the shoes..LOVE your shoes!!!

  7. Love those shoes! Very 1920's! Wish I could pull off a skirt! I need to get back into the sewing room!


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