Friday, July 29, 2011

Late afternoon, midwinter

I'm having a bit of a down-in-the-dumps kind of day. I came home early this afternoon to an empty house as the Mister has gone to see his family for a few days. I used to love having the house to myself, but these days not so much. I thought about doing some sewing to cheer myself up, but then I looked outside the window at the late afternoon sun and picked up my camera instead.

Oregano flower

I really, really love this photography thing. I still have a lot to learn about it, and I do love the low f-stop setting a little too much, but I'm enjoying learning more each time I take my camera out of it's bag.

Lilac shadows on red brick

Today I fiddled with the manual focus. I love the effects I can get when mixed with different light sources - in this case a late afternoon winter sun.

Sunset through walnut tree

Photographing random things in my backyard seems to cheer me up. When I think about it, it's the first thing I did each time I came home from hospital stays over the last few months, even though I could barely move. These two posts reflect that. And I seem to have a bit of a things for death and dessication. I promise I won't read too much into that, just so long as you don't.

Tonight I will sit on the couch and crochet my lovely purple shawl, and watch something happy on TV. I might have some ice cream. And tomorrow I will take some more photos.


  1. Love the colours in that first one Michelle, the blues and the bright sun touched yellows. Enjoy your evening, ice cream sounds like a fabulous idea :-)

  2. Love the photos. I can understand your grabbing the camera and needing to use it. I've had point and shoots for years and got good photos. But when I had the opportunity a couple of months ago, I bought a Nikon D3100. Very steep learning curve for me but I keep it close at hand and take all sorts of things. My eyes still glaze over if there are too many numbers in some instructions and I still have a very long way to go, but am pleased with what I'm doing for the most part.

    I've been posting a photo everyday at Project 365, basically free. There are a few filler photos from iPhoto but mostly there's a new one every day.

    You may be further down the track than I am, but I found this camera simulator helpful. Lots of different settings can be adjusted and the results show immediately on the scree.

    Sorry for hijacking your comments but I've never been one much for photography and am enjoying this immensely. Also enjoying your collaborative bag and yarn from last year.

    best wishes for your continued recovery.

  3. Lovely photos! Hope you're feeling a bit more like your usual self soon. Mmmmmm! Ice cream! ;)


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