Saturday, September 17, 2011

'Cause you were all yellow

Last weekend I finished my Dorothy's Tail Scarf.

So I blocked it, just lightly. No pins, no wires, but just water and my hands to shape it.

Dorothy's Tail Neckerchief

And then on Wednesday I wore it as my self-stitched item for the day.

SSS11 - September 14

It's a great pattern. You can find it over there on Ravelry.  I used a skein of Fibrewebs MCN fingering weight and I find this yarn to be the warmest and cosiest of all I have crocheted with.

Here is a week's worth of Self Stitched September. The Not-Sorbetto was worn yesterday for the first time and if I don't make myself another 10 of these by the end of summer, I should be classified as insane. It's comfy and cool. What more do you need?

September 10 - Saturday, cold. Still sick. Me-made cardigan, me-made kanzashi brooch, and me-refashioned leggings (they used to be tights but I cut the toe out of them.

SSS11 - September 10

September 11. Wish I'd stayed in bed but I had an errand to run. Me-made skirt.

SSS11 - September 11

September 12 - Sometimes you just have to make the best of Mondays. This is a favourite skirt.

SSS11 - September 12

September 13 - why is it still so damn cold in the mornings?

SSS11 - September 13

September 14 - MY NEW SCARF!! I love my new scarf!

SSS11 - September 14

September 15 - The best thing about doing a challenge like this is mixing up the colours a little. Today red and teal became my new favourite colour combination as a result. And also my new brown tights. Who knew that new brown tights would totally make my day? Hmm?

SSS11 - September 15

September 16 - Not-Sorbetto top. How fortunate that this store-bought cardi with the black bows matches the red and black bows on my top! I may be looking a little tired here - we were kept awake from 2 am by massive explosions in the next suburb, from this teensy little fire.

And we had a late start (for us, anyway) to the day due to being told not to leave the house due to possible PCB exposure. PCB? WTF? OMG! And yes, I am gazing into the distance at the massive black plume of smoke floating past.

SSS11 - September 16

September 17 - no explosions last night! Hooray! Me-made crocheted scarf.

SSS11 - September 17

In the coming days - how I challenged myself to sew two garments from the stash over the weekend, and totally frittered away one of those days crocheting.


  1. I love your new yellow scarf. I have been seeing it on The Ravelry but I love yours in the one lovely colour. I may have to break out the crochet hook!! I have discovered a few patterns that are worthy of making ten times too this SSS. I love your non-Sorbetto and bow cardigan. Hope you are feeling better and the PCBs have all dispersed.

  2. Love Dorothy's tail - and just have to say - hell you wear some great clothes michelle....and some damn sexy shoes.

  3. Your new scarf is beautiful. I agree with Jodie - you wear some great clothes. I love the striped tights.

  4. Holy heck. WHAT A WARDROBE. The crocheted goodliness, the skirts, the shoes. Gasping, I am!

  5. I'm loving your yellow scarf too... and the yellow brooches. The first one is very fancy... what I can tell anyway. Lovely. Happy dappy yellow. Makes me smile.

    ... and WTF were you doing outside having your photo taken if you'd been told not to leave the house!!! I'd have me eye on the black smoke too... and have held my breath while the photo was being taken!

  6. You are an AMAZING lady! I just love the new scarf. You know I'll have to check out that pattern. You are inspiring.

  7. I'm like Tania - holy heck - what she said.


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