Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two and a three and a four and a little more

So, as expected, I'm struggling to find self-stitched clothes to wear in September. Day 2 started out OK though.

SSS11 - September 2

Me-made skirt, me-crocheted scarf. This skirt is a favourite of mine. Actually, so's the scarf.

SSS11 - September 3

Saturday dawned cold and icy. We crunched through frosty grass on our way to the farmers' market in the morning, but by the time it came to heading off to Queanbeyan for our weekly Saturday morning knitting and crochet session, it had warmed up enough that I could get away with wearing this. It's a me-made skirt, and a me-crocheted cardigan. I felt very apple-y, and red. And also headachey and grumpy (it's the glare, see).

And then Sunday. Oh God - Sunday. Most of the morning I was wearing tracksuit pants as I was finishing off the 27 bags for the yarn club. By the time it came to running errands in the afternoon and going to Carrie's place to sort out the club postings, I new I had to do something about this blasted self-stitched thing.

SSS11 - September 4

Yes - I resorted to a summer favourite - a way-too-big me-made tunic over a long sleeved shirt. Note the sunglasses to combat the headache and glare issue (didn't work).

SSS11 - September 4

Oh! And me-crocheted socks! I cannot believe I wore this today, but I was really beyond caring.

My yarn club obligations are over for the moment, and despite wanting to make two quilts for newly born babies, I have decided to dedicate the rest of this week to clothing myself. I bought this fabric at Spotlight yesterday. And it screamed "SKIRT!!!"


It is a linen/rayon blend and will be great for summer ... but what I need right now are some warm clothes that are also perfect for those in-between weathered days, like a frosty morning that turns into a lovely warm sunny day at Floriade, say.

I have a lot of work ahead of me.


  1. Really like your skirts and the tunic! Sorry you're not keen on the tunic but I love the print! Could you take it in and make yourself like it a bit more? Groovy socks too!

    Ooh! And your new fabric looks like it's going to be a fab skirt! Good luck on clothing yourself this autumn/winter! So glad I've sat this one out! ;)

  2. I love the tunic too!
    And why aren't you smiling :P

  3. Totally loving the tunic - that print is fab!! Socks are a pretty awesome colour too - looking good!!

  4. I have signed up for this but have been too busy sewing for the shop. I love the new patterns , i have just been in to check it all out i think i might have to order a few for myself.Hopefully next week i`ll start sewing.

  5. Summer clothes are so much more fun to make aren't they?

    I too am loving the tunic top.

  6. I actually think the "way too big top", crocheted socks (can't believe you crochet socks - your a genius !) and sunnies look pretty cool...ahhah
    I also like the first pic with the purple tights - your a groover when it comes to colour, love it.
    Looking forward to seeing the skirt - great print !


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