Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23

Oh, we're getting so, so close to the big day!

Candy canes

Last night I broke one of my molars on a candy cane. Candy canes have been henceforth banned from my house. Luckily for me it was a tooth that already had a death sentence after a dodgy root canal 16 years ago. It's been patched up for Christmas and will be extracted in the new year. Something to really look forward to! Ha!

They were delicious candy canes though. Very fruity. But teeth-killers, yes.

Christmas tunes

Today I want to talk about Christmas tunes. I love to sing and play music, and I also love having Christmas songs on the stereo while I'm wrapping, baking or otherwise pottering. A few years ago I invested in a 3 CD of set of golden oldies. I absolutely love these CDs and they're on high rotation at my place. Nobody croons a tune like Dean Martin, in my opinion!

Christmas tunes

Of course in this Glee-lovin' household we can't go past a Glee Christmas album or two. Gets ya dancin'.

Christmas tunes

And based on a recommendation on Twitter, I picked up the She & Him Christmas album today at my local record store. It is so very good. I've been a long-time fan of She & Him, but to have this Christmas album of theirs on the stereo at the moment is the fondant on my Christmas cake! The brandy in my custard!

The star on my tree!


  1. we always play the Beach Boys Christmas cd every year - seems to fit with our summery Christmas vibe. Sorry to hear about your tooth :(

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas xj

  2. Merry Christmas lovely. Sorry to hear about the tooth. Glad it was a tasty candy cane.

  3. Love love love xmas CDs. But I go for the cheesey ones. I have Beach Boys, The Hoff, The Seekers, and many more.

    Too bad about the tooth, but I can empathise. I had an extraction on Wednesday. It was a cinch. Really.

  4. Annie Lennox has just released a Christmas songs cd.


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