Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before how much I love Christmas.

I love all the fuss and bother of Christmas cooking and wrapping presents. I love setting up the Christmas tree and writing Christmas cards. I love it all.

I'm not such a fan of the last minute "we must catch up before Christmas" gig, but that's only because it's as if people think the world will end on Christmas Day, when really having a BBQ in January would be much more sensible.

Anyway. Where was I? Yeah - loving Christmas.

On Sunday we drove out to Bredbo to take a look at The Christmas Barn. A friend of mine works there and when we had lunch last week she suggested that it was not a bad place for a Christmas lover like me. Plus Bredbo is the home of the Best Pancakes Ever. The other half was convinced to take a Sunday drive on the promise of pancakes alone.

Pancakes eaten, we went next door to the Christmas Barn. It was amazing. The other half said hello to my friend and then had a conniption over the over-the-top Christmassiness of it all, and went and sat in the car to listen to the cricket. His loss.

I gravitated straight to the red and white section as those are my theme colours this year. But the rest of the barn was something to behold.

I'd never thought of a Christmas tree with antlers before. Not too sure I'm a fan, but it's certainly quirky. I really love those red berries though.

I bought a few red and white ornaments, include the vintage tear drop style that we used to have on our Christmas tree when I was a little girl. I also finally found a star which suits the tree we have. I'll be back again next year, by which time I hope I'll have a larger Christmas tree at home, and I'll get more special ornaments to dress it with.


Maybe not dolls though.

I've joined Car's Advent blog-a-long. Check out the other blog-a-longers!


  1. Pretty amazing, isn't it. Bit heart in your mouth when you go there with kids though.

  2. Wow that would be sensory overload for me...I probable would have come out with nothing!!!
    Fun to see though.


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