Sunday, April 1, 2012

One week, One pattern, final post

So I missed days 6 and 7 of OWOP until now, but we had interstate family arrive on Friday evening and then went away to the niecewedding in Bowral for a couple of days.

But I did it. I did a whole week of wearing one pattern and I didn't get bored. Actually, let's make that 8 days - I wore Simplicity 2938 View B again today to a family post-wedding lunch. I suppose it helps when you've made as many 2938s as I have.

To Day 6 - Casual Friday, also known as the last day I may ever wear bare legs to work again this autumn.

OWOP Day 6

It's a white linen top (and a self drafted linen skirt) which you unfortunately can't see clearly thanks to the black cardigan and the morning glare.

Day 7 - taken on our hotel balcony in Bowral. It was a really warm day. Also, it was 1pm so I didn't look frozen solid.

OWOP Day 7

Another top, made in embroidered cotton. I love this top but I wish it went with more things than black pants.

To sum up the other 5 days, here's a recap.

OWOP Day 1

OWOP Day 2

OWOP day 3

OWOP Day 4

OWOP Day 5

So, what did I learn during this challenge?
  • Simplicity 2938 view B is a really, really great pattern. It fits well, it adapts well to the addition of a skirt to make a dress, and it holds up to a week of wearing day after day with no one noticing. 
  • The top lends itself nicely to acting as a shell top under cardigans. I didn't think it would with all that pleating, but even under deep v-necks it works. It gets a little blousy at times but I like that look - like a ruffle without actually having a ruffle.
  • My husband has learned, after the challenges of Me Made March and Self Stitched September that one is not to grumble if one is handed the camera at 7.30 am each morning. He is a trooper, and I am blessed.
  • That I have enough dresses for now, and need to make some decent skirts to go with those tops I already have. Except for the dress I already have cut out waiting to sew...
  • And I need more plain tops. Not patterned ones. Especially for work.
  • That I need to take in that too-big Lane Bryant cardigan from day 5. It's awesome, but it needs some better fit.
So thanks Tilly for such a brilliant challenge. When are we doing it again?


  1. It's been such a great challenge to watch - well done Hubby!

  2. I think your OWOP might have displayed more variety than any other in the whole wide world!

    1. Thank you so much! That comment just made my day!

  3. I'm selfishly delighted that you have made all of these tops. You're the reason why I bought the pattern and have hopes of looking even half as good in it. Thank you so much for the inspiration :)

    1. Fantastic! Good luck with your 2938 adventure, Melanie!


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