Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wacky cardigan-wearing girl

Autumn hit Canberra with full frostbitten force at about, oh, 4 pm yesterday afternoon, right at the end of our lovely four-day Easter holiday weekend. About 50 kms south of us there was snow. SNOW, people!

Then, this afternoon, as I looked briefly out the window at work across the local parks to Mt Ainslie. I could see that all the trees had changed colour. Just like that.

This year So, Zo... What do you know? is having just one Me-Made/Self-Stitched challenge and this time it's in May. And I've signed up. Which should be interesting (not) for those of us here in Canberra because it will be pretty cold and all I'll be showing off is handmade skirts, and store bought cardigans and tights.

(Three more arrived from Lane Bryant today and I'm excited.)

Cardigan collection

This is only part of the cardigan component. And I can't actually open the tights drawer, it's that stuffed full.

This May you'll get to see me wearing wacky cardigans with things that they shouldn't go with AND I WON'T CARE. For example:

Stripes and plaid.
SSS11 - September 28

Hearts and scottie dogs
OWOP Day 4

This is today's effort, because Argyle and plaid totally go together and I won't listen to you when you tell me they don't.

Argyle and plaid

Of course it wouldn't me a Me-Made month without me attempting to make some new things and failing. However give me 10 points for dreaming about these particular pieces of fabric being sewn into skirts by the end of May. No deadlines though - we all know I don't do that.

Fabrics for winter skirts

Are you joining Me-Made-May too? You should!


  1. I love all those combo's too! I like the argyle one- the backpack and lunchbag make you look like a little schoolgirl, cute! I'd join in, but don't have enough for a whole month- I could maybe manage a week. I'd better get sewing then! and i'll leave you to it haha

  2. Oh! I love everything. The cardis, the skirts and the combos.

  3. you are so Rachel Berry in your argyle and plaid!
    If I can find my sewjo in the next week or so I might just be in =)

    1. Ha! Rachel Berry! I should have figured I'd try to channel her.

      Get to your sewjo young lady! You need to join me!

  4. It's COLD here too, brrrrrrrr.

    I really like the stripes and plaid combo especially! Fun!

  5. I desperately need to order some new coloured tights. Mine are literally too tight!

  6. It's cold here tonight too. I'm wearing my first long sleeve jumper of the season. Adore your heart cardigan.

  7. I can't wait to see the apple print cord in a skirt paired with the hearts cardigan and scotty dog top and if you can find patterned tights too I will bow to your patterny-ness! I love a nice pattern combo/miss match and will try and match you on this one!

  8. LOVE your expressions, and that pile of fabric. I was eyeing off that cord in green!

  9. I'd love to join in, but sadly I think that I have one thing that I have made for me that is of winter weight:(
    Looking forward to see what you put those cardigans with.

  10. Oh what a great way to approach Me Made May! Get crazy pattern mixing girl!


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