Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Let's ditch that last idea, shall we?

That last idea for my 2005 quilt show quilt was just too grand, and just too large.

Meet the REAL 2005 exhibition entry.
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It's a Block of the Month called "Pleasures of the Garden". Until last Monday, I had all the blocks embroidered except the large centre one. I finished off the embroidery, cut out the sashing, sewed together, added my own (bigger) border, and voila! We have a quilt!

I was going to hand quilt it ... but alas my neck has been giving me grief, so I shall machine quilt it in a couple of weeks time.

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  1. Michelle I LOVE your quilt. How many hours of embroidery? Whatever....it was certainly worth it. I always think that colour affects my 'connection' wih a quilt too, and these colours are just gorgeous.
    Well done. I just wish I could get right up close and have a real look
    Jenni in Adelaide who should be sewing instead of being on the computer. It's perfect sewing weather....all grey and wet and cold ...like winter should be.


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