Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cold shoulders no more

I really, really want to start a Botteh scarf using the Regia silk I got from Georgie. But I'm not letting myself start until I get rid of at least two WIPs.

One down.
Capelet is finished

In this photo it hadn't been blocked yet, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. I abandoned the idea of ties and pompoms, and went for a closing strap and vintage button. It was worn for the first time to the clothesline so I could bring the washing in. My shoulders stayed nice and snug.

Earlier this morning I went to Vinnie's. I dropped off about 40 quilting magazines and a box of clothes and shoes, and came home with this instead (the 11 balls of yarn at least take up less room than 40 quilting magazines).

Saturday op shop haul Saturday op shop haul


  1. I love the strap and button - very NOW but also vintage looking if you know what I mean - It really finishes it well. Where will the next outing be??

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. I was actually inspired by a collar tab on my pea green overcoat, and besides, a chain tie was just way to girly for me!

    The next outing - well currently it's on my shoulders as I sit here, as I have just unpinned it from the blocking. But tomorrow it will be worn to the cinema.

  3. Im glad you abandoned the pompoms, the button and strap looks very stylish.

    Also quite satisfied the Regia silk is going to a good home now too!! Really looking forward to progress on the Botteh, so hurry up on those other WIPs!

  4. Good call on the pom poms - the strap and button are MUCH better ;)

    Like the look of that scarf!


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