Sunday, July 8, 2007



The Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston had a Fibre Day today. I helped out on the Canberra Quilters stand in the morning, but after a couple of hours I was free to roam. With $50 in my wallet, I was ready to shop well ... unfortunately I had to use my credit card for one purchase, but it was SO worth it. Look at those colours! Those textures! Oh my!

The green yarn is Waratah Fibres English Wensleydale Aran. The one in the middle was bought because I couldn't decide whether to buy this or the other. So I bought both. It's 100% alpaca yarn while the one on the right is wool slub yarn. The slub might become a scarf, and the alpaca - a hat perhaps.

Canberra Corporate wrap progress

Progress on the Canberra Corporate wrap continues. So far I've used only 2 balls of the light grey. How very economical of me!

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  1. oh you got some lovely stuff! I'm so glad I didn't know it was on until today and had planned other things for my day. I can't afford it!

    Wrap is looking gorgeous!


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