Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shut de door, keep out de devil

Last night I went to the Crusty Demons with my three boyfriends and every bogan who lives in the Canberra Region. Please note my three boyfriends are not bogans.

My three boyfriends

There was a little Extreme Crocheting done while waiting for the show to start. I think we all appreciated the gentle irony of crocheting at a misogynistic, drunken, loutish event.

Extreme Crochet - Crusty Demons show

I personally struggled with the idea of being at such an event given my hatred of Summernats. However I gave it some thought (while the Crusty Babes were gyrating their hips in front of me) and I think it has something to do with the artistry of making a motorbike do flips and the rider not landing on their head. They are clever boys, those Crusty Demons, and seriously beautiful to watch. I've always been a big fan, so seeing them fly through the air and not kill themselves was a special thing indeed.

Did see one poor fella land on his head not once, but twice. But I think it just wasn't his night.

Today was a lovely slow day. We finally got to Revolve's Better Bits at Piallago and it was just fantastic. So much Pyrex to be had, although I decided to be fussy. I probably shouldn't have bothered with the Snowflake casserole, but I was taken with the handle shape. The pie plate I just had to have - because four pie plates were never going to be enough. And the June Rose platter was my dream. I've always wanted a bigger Pyrex platter for taking cucumber sandwiches to parties but I figured only JAJ Pyrex (British) would provide it and I was right in this case.

Snowflake  casserole Pie plate JAJ June Rose platter

And I dropped my entries off for the show. I'm not too sure how they will do as some of the entries I saw looked to be from the 70s era. Canary yellow poncho in acrylic, anyone? It'll probably win best of show.


  1. Please promise you will take pictures of the canary yellow poncho...

  2. Snowflakes good. Taph and I were discussing only yesterday afternoon that we'd not been t better Bits yet. Obviously we were picking up your pyrex love from across town.

  3. Nice dishes! and boyfriends!!

    Hey, I've added you to my blog roll on 'This is...'

    Thanks for playing!!

  4. nice pyrex. i dont think there is anything too boganish about crusty demons, i dont mind a bit of bike action myself. hmm that didnt sound quite right but you know what i mean! i will be at the show and will take pics of the cacky acky along with all the beautiful crocheting that should win best in show. any knitting entered by anyone we know?

  5. LOL Bogan over here in WA are like Emos but seriously I love watching the Crustys too,I just heavens my boys are into BMX Extreme Sport instead of bikes though it can be just as deadly!
    We grew up in Bogan country and one stage my Brothers inlaw are still bogan dressers,flannel shirts singlets and all and now my sons want the shirts as fashion statements,LOL
    Looking forward to seeing your finished zivargo top,Im limited to basic stuff Im afraid!


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