Friday, February 15, 2008

Using the stash - dedicated project #3

More time has been spent this last week sorting out the spare bed o' yarn than should actually be healthy. But I'm almost there!

Stash: Patons Zhivago in Rhubarb Red - 5 balls


Issue: Really, 5 balls doesn't take up much room. And Zhivago is pretty collapsible stuff. But this yarn (and the Sean Sheep equivalent Flinders) have been floating around the sewing room for the past few months and I have had all sorts of projects lined up for it. In my Ravelry queue, I think I have allocated this yarn about 5 times for different patterns.

Solution: Preppy Tank from "Crochet Today" Sept/Oct 07 magazine


Subsequent issue: I only have 5 balls. The project requires 8. I'm on a stash diet. I realised I hadn't thought through all the rules so bought a few more balls from Big W (this project is getting rid of 5 balls - having to get more yarn shouldn't be seen to be a Bad Thing). However it seems there is a problem with the latest Zhivago on the shelves in that it feels completely different from the old Zhivago. Courser, thicker, not as lush and drapey. Quite revolting, really. Shit. Fortunately a lovely woman on Ravelry has come to my rescue and we are doing a yarn swap. Three balls of old Zhivago for something lovely out of my stash. The Big W stuff will go back to the store and I'm down a ball of sock yarn (which, as I stated earlier, is in fact stash). Win-win situation in my book.

Preppy Tank - progress

For my crocheting readers, this pattern uses hdc2tog as the main stitch, which is like the roller coaster of all crochet stitches. Yo, hook through, yo, pull through, yo, hook through next stitch, yo, pull through all five loops. It's thrilling, I tell ya.


  1. What a fine solution to a potentially disastrous situation! Love the shape of the tank.

  2. nicely worked out Mick! Disappointing about new zhivago though.

  3. That will be a great top! I thought there was something weird with Zhivago too - the dress I made Stella wasn't at all what I expected - that's probably because the yarn wasn't how I remembered it from a few years ago. Maybe we should ask Damo!

  4. Nice colour, great pattern name - like it a lot!


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