Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Using the stash - dedicated project #1

I've just been reading of Bells' adventures in cutting the steek, and I'll be the first to admit that my post will be completely unexciting in comparison!

A couple of days ago I made a terrible and confronting
admission - I had more yarn than I could cope with. See? Here's what is inhabiting the spare bed at the moment. And there's much more.

The stash what's inhabiting the spare bed

As part of the diet rules, I was to document the stash and dedicate a project to a yarn. Huzzah!

Stash: Lincraft Bamboozle - approximately 17 balls

Bamboozle stash

Issue: About 6 of the balls are currently in a Short and Sweet bolero. A few months ago I made a HUGE booboo and I was going to have to rip out half the bolero. I was falling out of love with the bolero anyway so I just went "whatever" and left it to fester in the basket. No great loss, but i sure hope it frogs OK. Splitty, splitty.

Solution: Bamboo Cardigan from "
Plus Size Crochet" by Margaret Hubert


Which is, I think, kinda cute and I really love black cardigans. So there.

If you want to join me in my mission, not for the yarn diet necessarily, but to dedicate a project to the unused yarn in your *ahem* collection, please do so! It was a lot of fun sorting through the bed o' yarn last night and flicking through the projects on my wannado list.


  1. Michelle, I'm still quaking in my boots because of the steek so coming here and reading something calming and soothing to do with just using stash, I feel better.

    That cardi is gorgeous. I have a black crotched cardi (not made by me) that I just love so I fully approve of your choice!

  2. Oh good girl! I had fun on the long weekend making little kits for the next few projects - printing out or copying patterns, putting them with the needles and the yarn into project bags. Makes me feel really organised.

  3. Great cardigan! The Bamboozle should unravel OK - it is very splitty, isn't it. I was able to unravel my Ogee Skirt (in purple Bamboozle) without any troubles - now I 'just' have to reknit it...

  4. That cardigan is going to be gorgeous. The Bamboozle is splitty, but it makes a lovely fabric so it's worth the fuss.

  5. ooh if i could crochet i would make that cardi for sure. very nice in black. how industrious you are!

  6. You can never have too many black cardi's. Or shoes. Excellent choice!

  7. I managed to frog and reknit some of my bamboozle without any headache, but you need to be vewy vewy cawhful when you're winding it up before reusing, because that's where it all going to the dogs...

    Lovely cardi though! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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