Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't be hanging round here when the water overflows

Yeah yeah, struggle struggle, no crafting mojo, messy studio, blah blah blah.

And then I got another cold.

1. This is post #145. I think I might have a giveaway at post #150. Keep your eyes peeled.

2. For Canberra knitters only - I have three pair of needles (I'm sure I had more but I don't know where they are) from when I thought I might like to be a knitter. In a time before I wised up to the fact I just don't like knitting. Anyway, whoever wants 7 mm, 10 mm and 20 mm (yes, really) needles - comment first and they are yours. Please, Canberra only. I don't want to mail these.

3. I am seeing
Fred Smith in May at Tilley's. As much as I deplore Tilley's (for many, many reasons - let's not get me started) all my favourite shows have been held there and the coffee isn't too bad if you get a barrista having a good night. Cannot wait. Honestly. It's been ages since I saw Fred.

4. Preppy Tank was last seen wallowing on the studio floor, on top of my quilting bag. It still hasn't been put together. Poor bloody tank.

Preppy tank still in pieces

5. I was going to make Mei Mei using the grey Country on the bed o' stash, but I've changed my mind - I'm going to make Galena by Doris Chan instead. I think it will be more useful.

Galena by Doris Chan

6. Some lovely friends have surprised us by announcing that they are getting married overseas in June with a Canberra soiree in late May. I want to make Shakira from
burdastyle to wear to the shindig. And hooray! Finally burdastyle have their first ever plus-size pattern. But to all those skinny people on the forum and the comments who are whinging about it not being in a size 34? Seriously, you can just fark off. Is it not enough that the rest of the website is catering for your skinny arses?


7. The Essential Cardi is going. Slowly. Very slowly. Here's my Brooklyn Tweed inspired shot (not really - I've always loved the macro. But anyone would think he was the first genius to think of it).

Essential cardi in progress

8. If someone could make me a hot, milky tea right now, I would greatly appreciate it. xxx

9. I promise to not be so cranky tomorrow.


  1. Hello - it is Janet McKinney. I would not only like some needles - but I would also LOVE to meet you - you are well spoken about on the Canberra blogs...

  2. Poor chook, you, leave work early and have a quiet weekend on the couch. Take care of yourself (and maybe be nice to the tank too!)

  3. janet beat me! It's ok, actually, I don't use straights much anymore, much less BIG ones!

    Keep that tea flowing. It's got healing properties.

  4. Tilleys !! @#$% !! When you do start let me join in. But a teaser ... Don't you think they could get some more comfortable and better looking chairs ? !!

    Tea therapy can't be beaten, unless it is accompanied by Vicks Vapour rub and a hot water bottle. Look after yourself.

  5. Same here, grumpy as all get out today ! Hope I improve.

  6. Have a relaxing weekend Michelle and take care of yourself! Love that Burda dress, by the way. And Galena, But you know I love everything that you crochet - after all, I am your crochet stalker!

  7. Be as cranky as you like - it's necessary sometimes.

    That Burda frock is lovely and quite familiar. I'm sure I had a kid sized version in pink crimpelene for a family wedding - it was the late 60s. And to the skinny minnies moaning on Burda style - shutup and drink a milkshake or two.

  8. I have friends with a Frencham Smith CD where they sing about a girl who goes op shopping. Anyone who singes about op shopping is A OK with me...

  9. Loved your reaction comment to the various comments others made on the Burdastyle site. Good on you, I say.. You've made my day !!

  10. OK, I love Galena by Doris Chan. Where does one find the recipe for it...mus remember to check it out on Ravelry!


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