Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is ... the contents of my handbag

I loved this meme - but I'm loving seeing everyone else's bags even more! I'm such a voyeur, obviously.

This is my Nicole Cerini satchel, very old. I tend to use this on weekends and holidays. It holds just about everything. I think I might need a new one soon.

Here we have:

* Homemade bag for my latest crochet project
* Green pouch for toiletries and pills
Catherine Manuell purse
* Book
* Green iPod with homemade sashiko pouch
* Green leather diary
* Natio lipstick and QV lip balm
* Ladies' hankies (of course. I love ladies' hankies)
* Building pass and keys
* Sunglasses in Persuede case, specs in orange chinese brocade case, and Strepsils *cough cough*

The contents of my bag seem to confirm a love of orange, green and red. Who woulda thought?


  1. that is one very organised bag!!
    the book looks appealing too

  2. oh your contents are so neat! I will do this when I've thrown out all the tissues first!

  3. Don't you just love Nicola Cerini bags! I have the same size as yours with a dragonfly print. You've got a coll collection of stuff in there!

  4. I really like the orange fabric on your purse. It is really pretty. And you have a great hankie there as well. Cheers Kyla

  5. Great colour combo and such a neat and organised handbag!


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