Sunday, March 30, 2008

I've got a smile on my face, and I've got four walls around me

It was a slow, slow, s-l-o-w start to Sunday. Ten hours sleep and it still wasn't enough, and by the time Janet came around to get my knitting needles, I was close to passing out (sorry for the lack of hospitality, Janet). Some more medicinal hot white tea and soup from Mr QM, bless him, and I was feeling a little more human by mid afternoon.

That's when I started creating. First up it was just the sleeves for about four miniature quilts that had never had the chance to hang, even thought I made them all years ago.

Gin, Tonic and Lime Peel

Little Shoes

(You don't get much quilting content on this blog nowadays, so please indulge me.)

So quilts all hung, I decided to ditch the idea for immediate Etsy shop stockage (too hard, and too boring, and waaaaaay too tiny), and instead decided to make a crochet project bag. My cardi is getting bigger and needs a bigger bag. Also, have you seen the size of those 200g balls of Bendi 12 ply?

Project bag

I used a cute Japanese cotton fabric I'd bought in Cobargo last year. I even overlocked all the seams, squared the bottom of the bag off, and put in real buttonholes for the ties. It had been so long since I'd made buttonholes, I had to refer to the Bernina manual. See? Perfect buttonholes!

Buttonhole detail

All this took me a total of 30 minutes. I was so impressed with myself, more for the fact that I did something, rather than made something special. It felt good.

These fabric are next - bound for greatness in the form of useful things.

These fabrics are next in line


  1. You are forgiven QM. But can we put a rain check on a cuppa tea some time?

    I have been having fun sorting through my quilting stash this afternoon - looking for inspiration, but it is not coming. I have a lovely cache of complementary coloured material that would make a lovely quilt.

    Get better soon
    Janet McK

  2. You're on fire - what productivity!

  3. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog Michelle. PS, I also had to go to the chemist today and get a new script for Seretide, because yesterday I accidentally dropped mine into the loo, so had to chuck it out. What a doofus I am.

  4. I do appreciate the beauty of a perfect button hole, but I keep going back to the shoe quilt - brilliant!

  5. OMG you have a SHOE QUILT??!! Why did I never know this! If I ask realllllly nicely, may I have it??!! (love the project bag too. Aren't buttonholes tops!)

  6. What fantastic sewing skills you have! The quilts are so beautiful, and that project bag is stunning - very nicely done perfect buttonhole there!! Love the fabric too :D

  7. So so so so pretty! What gorgeous fabric!! Lovely project bag (My what big balls you have - of Bendi!!) and the shoe quilt - absolutely gorgeous!

  8. I was sure I'd posted an "oohaah" comment here yesterday when I saw your shoe quilt and that gorgeous Japanese fabric bag. But no. So here it is
    Ooh aah.

  9. Oooh, I love that bag you made for your crochet. And that pile o' fabric is making my mouth water!

  10. Hey Mick are you a Great Big Sea fan?? (guessing from the post title)?? Or has that song also been done by someone else??
    All your sewing looks so beautiful!! Good on you :)

  11. Very nice buttonholes I must say! And a lovely choice of fabric. Great work as always!


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