Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is ... my favourite book

I suspect the fact that I grew up in Queensland under a Bjelke-Petersen dictatorship is the reason I never read this book at school.

When I first met Mr QM he told me about "The Catcher in the Rye" and what a great book it was. Then he loaned it to me. We hadn't even gone on our first date yet. A few days later I went on holidays to Sydney with my mum and the poor bugger was dropping by my desk at work each day to find out if I liked the book as much as he did. Except I wasn't there and he didn't know why.

Meanwhile, I was reading this book and loving it, and falling in love with the fella who loaned it to me, and also wondering whether he would ever ask me out.

The rest is history. Almost 14 years later we now have two copies of the book, as he gave me my own copy the first Christmas we were together.

I think it deserves another read, don't you?

So this is my favourite book. Not just because it's a bloody good read, but because it's how Mr QM and I first fell in love.


  1. Now that is one sweet story Michelle!

  2. What a lovely story. It is much better than the book. I never liked the book. Funnily enough though, my cat's name is Holden and people always ask if he is named after Holden Caulfield. Perhaps I need to give it another try. When I read it I wasn't in particularly good space and that might have been a factor.

  3. Great story. I thought I had read this but I just checked it out on Amazon and it isn't the book I thought. Will have to try to track it down!

  4. Yay! Cool story.
    The last time I read this book was in high school...and like BigCat, I didn't really love it.
    I think my fave books will all be ones I first read in high school, The Bell Jar, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Go-Between, and Paul Zindel's 'Pardon Me, you're stepping on my eyeball'. :P

  5. What a great story.
    It's one of my favorite books also. Haven't read it in several years. I think it is time to read it again.

  6. I can't say I thought it was earthshaking; in fact after they hype about it I feel I was rather let down. Of course it was so long ago, I can't truly recall.

    But what a wonderful up line! A sweet way to 'get the girl' and happy it worked that way for both of you.


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