Monday, September 24, 2007

Something's frying on the floor below

Shhhhhh! Don't tell Mr QM I'm on the computer - he thinks I'm sitting in my sewing room gazing off into the distance listening to Tony Delroy. You see, I have "shovel arm" from a heavy weekend in the garden, and I've been confined to the sofa to do *gasp* nothing.

Those who know me well will know that this is nigh on impossible. Nothing? No cooking? No quilting? No crochet? No shovelling of mulch and hauling in a wheelbarrow to the back yard?

Last time I blogged, I was about to launch head first into Spiderweb Cardigan heaven. Which turned into hell - the last time I touched it was at the last Northside SnB. I'm unsure whether I really do not like how it's turning out, or whether the night
left a bad taste in my mouth and therefore has doomed all projects from that night into Crochet Hades. My only comment on the matter is this - Dude, you'd better hope that your rejection of 15 hip young knitters and crocheters was worth it to your business, because I for one frequented your choice establishment prior to all the rudeness, but will hesitate to ever again.

While the Spiderweb Cardy has been wallowing, several things have happened but alas there are no photos. Yet.

1. I started on Short and Sweet from Happy Hooker, using the Bamboozle from Lincraft

2. I now have a cleaner backyard, two veggie patches, a mulched area for a wine barrel salad garden, a designated compost station and a world of pain for my efforts. It was worth it though. Plus we finally got rid of the remnants of this cubby/tree house and swing set. Only took us 14 months.
Cubby house

3. I've ridden to work 4 times, and back home again. I'm aiming for 2-3 times a week. Plus Mr QM got a bike - the same as mine but a blokey one.

4. I got my Ravelry invite. Sadly, my profile is a bit sparse - I need a week of no arm pain to fill those fields up.

5. I started getting ready for the arrival of my beautiful parents this week. "Getting ready" means getting manic about the fact there are still 2 cubic metres of soil and mulch piled up on my nature strip, my lawn needs mowing (with the mower they bought us a year ago and which we have only used three times due to the drought), and the guest bedroom closet needs cleaning out. Of course they don't care about this stuff - but I do. And I anticipate cleaning the bathroom on my birthday, just hours before I pick them up at the airport. Cleaning bathrooms on my birthday? Not what I had in mind!

Plus I have just spent two hours looking at sock wool to order. Do you think I can decide? Do you think it is tempting to say "Bugger it - I'll order it all"? You'd be right on both counts.

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  1. Shovel Arm! How crap is that - so sorry about that. Good luck getting ready for the parents, though. Bathroom cleaning sucks at any time, but birthdays should be all about you, not housework.


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