Sunday, September 2, 2007

Joy in threes

Here are three things that made me very happy today.

Pleated Bag
My new crochet bag - the Pleated Bag from Amy Karol's book.

Nectarine blossom Wahlenbergia stricta Nectarine blossom
Spending the entire day in the garden.

Half-finished sock
A half-finished sock.


  1. I love your pleated bag with the sparrows! Kit or otherwise, it's lovely!

    I feel the same way about my 'cycle. Mine's a Schwinn Colediate from the 1960's. I found it at a neighbor's house sale. I think I like your basket better though!

  2. Thanks for your comments, but it's not a kit. It's a pattern from a book, and I stitched it myself with my own fabric.

  3. It's a beautiful bag - I admired it on Saturday. Oh, and Annie Modesitt, much as I love her, can bite me. ;)

  4. Hi Michelle, I've been reading your blog for sometime now, through the SCQ connection.
    Would you mind if I asked you a few q's about some knitting? If it's ok, just send me an email.
    Thanks in hope!

  5. and what a pretty sock it is! I lvoe those tiny stitches!

  6. I caught a glimpse of your gorgeous bag on Saturday, but didnt realise it was THAT bag. Very lovely indeed.

  7. Hi outbackgirl/Amanda - I don't have your email address or any way to contact you! Your comment was emailed to me via an anon address.

    I can't help you with knitting because I fairly suck at it, but crochet I can do. Email me at quiltingmickATgmailDOTcom if you want to ask away!


  8. I noticed your bag on Saturday, but should have commented and had a closer look - it is really beautiful :D

  9. I just love your bag! I am just getting into embroidery again after buying Sublime Stitching.


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