Sunday, September 9, 2007

The sun is low, the air is still

It happens every spring. That anxiety about not having enough hours in the day to work, garden, craft, blog, take photos, play with my Blythes, meet up with friends, cook dinner, exercise, ring my parents, sing at choir.

So I've started a routine again.

Ride to work = exercise.
All day Sunday = gardening.
After dark = crafting.
Talk to parents on phone while digging holes in yard.
Who needs friends? Or Blythes for that matter? Or singing? They can wait until summer, surely.

Obviously I don't do well with routines.

Changing the subject to other matters, I have become reacquainted with the ACT public library service. It is really quite fabulous, and much cheaper than spending my lunch hour in Borders or Lincraft (not that there is anything wrong with that). After getting books and CDs the other day, I realised I needed a library bag - and not just any bag (this coming from the queen of bagmaking). I needed this one:

Library Bag

I used a pattern by Fiona Dalton from "The Crafter's Companion" and it was quite simply the easiest pattern I have ever followed. I've have this book for a while, but now want to make more stuff from it - everything in it is so beautiful.

After making the bag, I got distracted by this ...

Latest distraction

... when really, I should be making this ...

And this is what I should be making


  1. Bless you, Michelle. The beseiged staff of the ACT Library and Information Service thanks you for your support.

    Love the little wise owls on your bag.

  2. Yay to public library support, cute bags..and Blythes !

  3. I cant bear to think of life without the public library!

    I adore that bag (esp the little owls!), lovely job.

    Distractions are good. Especially when they're so pretty!

  4. Yes, Canberra in spring - sunshine, fresh air, flowers and soooo much you want to do, so little time. The perfect mixture would be to cycle to Floriade, see the flowers, get some inspiration for the garden and call in to the Alice Springs Beanie Festival Exhibition. It's fantastic. And yes,you gotta love the Canberra Public Library system. Do you think if everyone local who reads this blog put in a request, they'd get in more craft books?



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