Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oops - missed it by *that* much

So ... the last two days of Self Stitched September follow.

September 29. Decided there hadn't been enough black in my life this year. And given we are going into summer shortly, I may not wear all black until March next year. I am depressed at the thought of a summer of non-blackness. Obviously. Me-made doily skirt, and a me-refashioned half slip.

SSS11 - September 29

About the half slip - I only bought one because the cotton sateen in this skirt sticks to tights, and I tend to look really stupid when I am walking down the corridor at work, grabbing my skirt to make it sit straight. Rather than line it, which is what a sensible person would do, I decided to cut the bottom off a longer purchased slip, then reattach the lovely 4 inch side lace trim because the lace was oh-so-pretty.  Except for some reason the stretchy slip and the lace that's left didn't actually add up to a whole skirt's width. So there is now a 3 inch gap at the back of the slip (conveniently where the skirt slit is) where no lovely lace exists. And then all day I spent hitching my slip down as it kept riding up with the friction of the skirt. Didn't cling to my tights though, so ...

Seriously, it would have been easier to have lined the blasted skirt.

September 30. Last day! And it's casual Friday at that! I decided to embrace my new-found love of purple (not really. I'm still not a fan.) The skirt was my first me-made skirt from a couple of years ago. The fabric was given to me by Liesl and I just love it. It's worn really well (and it's green, not the yellow in the photo).

SSS11 - September 30

So what now? Where do I go from here? And what did I learn?

* This year, it was easy to get the husband to do the photography. Put a DSLR camera in his hands and he becomes quite the fashion stylist.

* I only sewed two items during September (the Not Sorbetto top, and the Not Sorbetto dress) and crocheted one (Dorothy's Tail scarf) but this was two more items than Me Made March. Mind you - in March I was busy being seriously ill, so maybe no rewards for September's effort.

* I solved the problem of March's photos showing me to be shortlegged due to the tall photographer by having the photos taken on the front stoop while the photographer stood in the garden below. However, the early morning sun may have killed my eyesight.

* September proved that I could adjust patterns, and draft my own as well. I am beyond pleased with my bravery  about this kind of thing.

* I really love sewing and wearing my own clothes. Next winter I want to have more me-made tops.

*Bring on Me Made May 2012, I say!

Since October started, I have started and finished the tea dress for the wedding this Saturday. But I will wait until after the weekend to blog about that. In the meantime, here's a little tease. (Aren't those jaundice-yellow runners awesome?)


On a post-project high, I started making a skirt with no pattern (again) and I was going great guns until I sewed a hole into my finger with the sewing machine, spilt tea over my skirt, and then discovered that the back seam wasn't going to match up, therefore making a hand picked zipper impossible. My sore finger and the skirt are currently having a time-out in the naughty corner.


  1. oh love, after such a great post, its a bugger to end with things in the naughty corner. For the record you look great in purple !

  2. So just HOW do you line a skirt? I have no idea how to do it, but some of my skirts stick to my flox leggings and ride up and it drives me bananas!
    I'm sooooo impressed that you got a photo everyday and you managed to make stuff to as well as work. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

  3. I love your outfits Michelle, clever lady.


  4. I think you should wear more purple - it looks great on you! And I can't wait to see the tea dress. I just love that scalloped edge and beautiful border embroidery.

    I think you've inspired me to try Me Made May, next year (I'd better get the proverbial into gear and start sewing).

  5. More great outfits- love the doily skirt!! Thanks for the tips on cotton sateen, perfect timing as we move into tights weather... Purple looks lush on you btw. And like your sss lessons, particularly the one about photogrpher's position relative to yours!! Made me laugh! Well done for a great SSS.

  6. Love love the doily skirt and cannot wait for the full reveal of the tea dress!


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