Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Private lawns, public parks

Yesterday morning we walked down Astor, which is the street behind where we are staying. Beautiful, genteel houses and apartment buildings with no gardens to speak of but a patch on the sidewalk.

The bigger houses in this post (I have no say as to their order, thanks to the crappy Blogger app) were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and are situated in Oak Park not far from Chicago. We spent half a day there - so interesting and just a little surreal to see the Prairie School in the flesh.

No Chicago post would be complete without a photo of the bean in Millenium Park.

We are leaving Chicago in a few hours and we are very sad to go. I don't care what Doris Day says - I'll take Illinois over Deadwood City any day.

A long train ride to another city awaits us, and there are more adventures to be had.


  1. Look at that! The last one actually made me gasp!!! I'm reading The Women at the moment which is FLW story through the stories of his wives! Such a complex man, but the talent, oh the talent! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, you lucky thing! I'd love to be in Chicago right now, it's been far too long. Lovely pics. Oak Park is great, the loop is awesome. I hope you have a fun time on the train!

  3. You saw Frank Lloyd Wright houses in the flesh - oooh lucky you!
    I think the bean reminds me of a red blood cell!
    Keep having fun - loving your posts Michelle.

  4. Those FLW houses just look so peaceful and relaxing, I want to live there! Loving all your Chicago photos actually. The bean is always very photogenic isn't it? I'll get there one day....

  5. Oh Wow, I was just in Chicago for 3 days in July this year for work and had one day to myself and it looks like you took the same FLW walking tour that I did - one of the best things I've done on a trip - loved it.


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