Monday, August 27, 2007

Suppose I never ever met you?

Ladies and gentleman, the Boteh is finished!

Boteh - finished

I apologise for the very poor photo, but here it is, finished and blocked. I'm really thrilled with how it turned out.

Now for the details:

Pattern: Boteh by Kathy Merrick, from Interweave Crochet magazine Spring 2007 issue
Yarn: Regia Silk 4 ply (55% merino, 20% silk, 25% polyamide) - thanks George!
Hook: 4 mm
Commenced: August 2

Completed: August 26
Comments: This was a lot of fun to do, and once I had my head around which direction each triangle went, things went smoothly. Steam-blocking the scarf made a huge difference to the finished shape and the drape. The Regia Silk was an absolute dream to crochet with - no splitting, no fluffing and no sliding off the hook. I would definitely make this again, perhaps using a handyed variegated sockwool for a different effect.

I think I have finished the sneaky scarf also, but I am having a dilemma about how long I want to make it. I have heaps of long scarves, so I'm thinking of making this a shorty. Still deciding.

While I have my inner conflict about scarf length, the pleated bag is progressing nicely.

White birds on red


  1. That scarf is so lovely! And, sweet embroidery on the bag, too.

  2. Wow - that looks so very stylish! Well done.

  3. Wow! Well done on finishing the scarf Mick! It looks great. I can't believe your earlier comments on how slowly you were progressing on it!! Seems to me like you whipped it out in no time!!

  4. The Boteh is beautiful - and inspiring. It reminds me of a Norah Gaughan pattern which puts spirals together to make a scarf. Perhaps I'll be brave and give it a go.

    Well done. I hope it will be cool enough for you to wear it to the next Monday night Northside S&B.

  5. Beautiful!

    I defy the crochet haters to hate that.

  6. Wonderful scarf, enough to make me take up my crochet hook again (although RSI & crochet don't mix well...). Very cool pattern - and a cute little bird too!

  7. NO one could dislike that - it is a masterpiece !

  8. Fantastic scarf! Thanks for your comments on mine too! I love your blog - we have similar taste in a number of projects too! The bamboozle yarn is a challenge at first isn't it - I used a pretty large hook and that helped. I'll be watching your blog with interest - it's great!

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