Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I said hey, it's an ordinary day

Washday Tuesday

I have been so busy these last few days, I have no idea how I ever did it all with a full-time job. Just today I've done and hung out three loads of washing, unpacked the dishwasher, done a party's worth of washing up, and I've only been awake for a couple of hours. I still have to sew a gazillion Blythe stockings on order, catch the bus into town, send off a dozen packages and find something fabulous for my brother's birthday and send it off as well. (His birthday is tomorrow. He doesn't live anywhere near me. I'm a bad, bad sister. The worst. Sorry D. But you will have a present to open by tea, I promise).

And I haven't mentioned the packing yet. Tomorrow afternoon I'm off to the tropical north for three days. I have to pack - nay, find - summer type clothes. I've been in jeans, long sleeves and trackies since April. No idea where my cargo pants are, or my short sleeve shirts.

Finally, because it's been gifted, here's a baby jacket I made for George's bump.

Georgie's bump's jacket

Crocheted Baby Sweater by Beth Koski (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Paton's Jet in a gorgeous avocado colour - two balls plus a teensy bit.
Hook: 5.5 mm bamboo
Notes: Most ambigous pattern EVER but I loved making this. I think this might be my new standard pattern for winter babies.

Georgie's bump's jacket

And I'm tempted to order myself one of these. I first saw these bags at the Rose St Markets in April, and I bought myself a little shoulder bag which I adore. I've had neck pain again the past few days, and I really do believe it's caused by my heavy satchel. My back is always much better when I use a backpack. Plus these ones are so well made and so damn stylish. Shall have to save up!

Well, it's midday. Time to have some lunch and get cracking on the sewing. I'll be back next week, hopefully with an Etsy shop update I can talk about.


  1. Hi there
    Did you ever pick up a copy of GET CREATIVE magazine with the story on craftsanity in it? If not, give me your postal address and I will get something to you.
    Happy day!
    Jacquie, Editor, GET CREATIVE

  2. Lovely backpack - I always have a problem with everything falling out of them every time I bend over!

    Have a lovely time in the tropics!

  3. Off to the tropics - how nice!

    And don't worry, you are a good sister - my brothers are lucky to get a card or a phone call from me on their birthdays (I am a bad bad sister!!)

    Jacket is v. cute!

  4. What a busy time your having. Love the avacado cardy. I wish I could crochet! Love the mattt bags too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Gorgeous cardie Michelle! And have a great holiday. I think that while you're away you could mentally plan to make a backpack yourself, you know! You are certainly more than talented enough.

  6. The baby cardi is absolutely gorgeous...what a great colour too!
    I completely agree about the backpack...much better for your back than a satchel if you're carrying heavy things around!

  7. love the cardy (will have to check out the pattern and remember how to crochet), and I hope you and the bloke have a wonderful time up north!

  8. oooh a new bag to lust after. thanks for that! the cardi is gorgeous and i dont know how full timers do it either, isnt it funny how busy you are now you have more time!!

  9. Love love love the red button on the jacket!

    have a safe (and no doubt warmer!) trip!

  10. Look at all those lovely bits and pieces blowing on the line.

    Enjoy FNQ. It's one of my favourite places.

    I love the cardie. It's so cute. I have some friends getting rea

  11. That gorgeous cardi is the PERFECT colour for a bump!! SO much better than lemon or white.... love it!

    Have a lovely time...I'm a tad jealous.

  12. The tropics huh? I'm heading to *lovely* canberra myself... and one should always buy a new handbag!

    Love the cardy too. Crochet is so not my friend!!


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