Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is ... the space in which I create

I like to think I create everywhere in my house - usually creating lots of mess! But I do love to cook and I spend a lot of time in my very yellow kitchen (file photo from when we first moved in. But it is indeed still yellow).


But most of my creating, my late night thinking, and my thinking on answers to
Norman the Quiz are done here - in my sewing room/studio/space (I always think 'studio' sounds like I should be a serious artist or something. I'm not. I just like to sew.)

This is ... the space in which I create

Bloody awful shot, but it was almost dark when we got home from Sydney and I wanted to post something while it was still Sunday. You can, however, see the end of a rather spectcular sunset through my window. And no, I haven't cleaned up. That was not the point of finding out how and where you create! I want to see the mess!

When we lived in our townhouse, we had only two bedrooms - one for sleeping, and the other for a study and spare bed. My sewing "room" was a wall in the dining room, next to the kitchen. It was far from ideal, and I hated having to clean up for visitors. So one of the reasons for moving here was the fact we had more rooms to play with. Every house we inspected was judged on whether "Michelle's sewing room" was up to scratch. And when we moved here to Downer, I got first dibs on where I wanted my space to be. I am a very lucky girl.

Thanks to
three buttons for dobbing me in for the theme this week. I hope you all had fun with it!


  1. Thank you for sharing your creative spaces with us. You are very lucky to have your own 'very own' sewing room!!

    I'm always juggling spaces between my dinning table and the spare room/studio.

    Sorry I haven't posted my photo as yet as I've been out all day and the Melbourne sun went down at 4.30!!

    Thank you for your theme.

    Angela xx

  2. I love the blue knobs on the yellow cupboards! Something about blue and yellow together that I adore.

    I wish I could have my own space too...maybe one day!

  3. D'oh! forgot it was Sunday night. I'll do mine tomorrow.

    I think the work that comes out of your creative spaces is beautiful.

  4. I'd love to be able to watch the sunset from my creative space. How gorgeous.

  5. I love that kitchen. The colours are divine.

    I totally get your thoughts about the term "studio". I have taken to saying craft room lately but I used to call it a studio. Who cares hey. Isn't is lovely to have a room of your own.

  6. I spy a dress dummy. I'm jealous!

    It's great to have your own space and wonderful that you got first dibs!

    Thanks for a great theme, you motivated me to finish working on mine - something I've been meaning to do for ages!

  7. You sure are a lucky lass to have your own sewing room. But I have kitchen envy, I think your kitchen is really gorgeous and warm and cosy and perfect for churning out delicious goodness.

  8. A lovely space you have indeed and your kitchen has so much character.

  9. LOVE that yellow!!! I've painted that shade on the walls in TWO houses I've lived in. It's so warm and inviting!!

  10. Thanks for the great theme Michelle.

    Good for you including your dream sewing room in list of things when looking at houses.

  11. Thanks for the theme it's great! You have a great workspace, good to hear your sewing space was top priority. Love your yellow kitchen too!

  12. Another kitchen person. Love it!

    I have a bit of a hard time saying studio, and often just say office because I am dab smack in the heart of a bureaucratic world. People GET office. But I don't want for it to be that kind of office.

    The window is important to me, and I see sunrise, which is funny since I am more of a sunset person, but I work better in the am. Guess that's why I'm in this room

  13. Thanks for a great theme, Michelle! It's great having your own space for sewing, and your yellow kitchen is very cheery!!

  14. Great Theme. I must try hard to post something today. I forgot. (but I'm new to this so....)

    I love your spaces. The kitchen is so fun! Our extra room is currently the computer room. So it's still the kitchen table for me. And the couch.

  15. That's a great sewing room!!!!! Call me greedy but one day I'd love a sewing room as well as a art studio, oh and office too!!! ;)

    I've always wanted a tailors mannequin too.

    I also love that you consider the kitchen as one of your creative spaces. I so envy people who can make wonderful creations in the kitchen. Kitchens and I don't get on well.

  16. Hi Michelle.
    Thanks for a great theme choice.
    You are so lucky to have your very own creative centre.
    One day, I too, hope to have one.
    Sigh! One can keep dreaming.
    Thanks again and have a good week.

  17. How nice to have a room to yourself! (In my dreams...) It looks like the view would be great during the day.

    Great theme by the way! Have love visiting every-ones creative spaces.

  18. Fun to have a peep into these creative spaces...thanks for the theme! A room with a view - lucky you! Our space is called the rumpus room and sharing it with three kids means there's usually a rumpus going on!

  19. I love that dress dummie!
    Thanks for this week's topic :)


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