Friday, June 13, 2008

We played a jig and we sang up big

Fabric from Amitie

My Amitie Blog VIP package arrived yesterday. I love these fabrics. I especially love the linen one - I mean with Bunka Dolls and Robots, how can you possibly go wrong? I suspect Miss Little Bo Peep is going to made into something suitably Blythe, and maybe also into a project bag because I need more of them. The linen fabric will be made into a zippered pouch - it's part of a project I'm currently working on.

And speaking of Blythes, today I shut myself in the sewing room, ignored everything and everyone, and made some dresses and stockings to stock the
Blythe Etsy shop. It was strangely comforting working with such teeny pieces of fabric. I've missed it.

Green 'shrooms & red striped stockingsDeer in the woodsOrange sailor

Oops! Posted that one before I'd finished! We are off to Sydney for the weekend - Material Obsession, WWKIP Day (and RoseRed!), the footy and Patricia await us. Should be fun - I might actually warm up!


  1. Michele, I love that pleated frock. When you get back can you tell me where you get your eensy buckles?

  2. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. :)

  3. I wanna Blythe doll!! I love those clothes!!!

  4. Have a fantastic weekend in Sydney Michelle! Your Blythes are absolutely beautiful. Such teensy tiny work. And nice Amitie fabrics - I'm enjoying seeing which ones everyone received.

  5. The two Blythes at our house very much need some of your adorable dresses. Please let me know when they are up on etsy,as they must go very quickly.xx Liz @ Betty Jo designs

  6. see, you are a serious crafter. but not a scary one. they are all too sweet for words! have a great weekend xx


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