Monday, June 9, 2008

Let's go make a living singing lullabies

Yes, still on the whole Fred thing. I'll get over it soon. Ish.


It's been a lovely and relaxing weekend. I've had a catchup of sleep as I hadn't slept much these past few weeks. I also did a bit of bike riding, a little designing for my new Etsy shop, a touch of sewing and a lot of crocheting. A lot of frogging too - I'm about to (sadly) frog an entire cardigan, but I'll blog about that tomorrow when I have photos of the Cardigan of Doom [insert imagined evil laughter].

I'm honoured to have been asked by
Angela to nominate the "this is ..." theme for this coming Sunday. Thanks Angela! So to give everyone plenty of time, let's go with

"This is ... the space in which I create"

Show us and tell us a story about your creative space. It could be your sewing room or studio or kitchen or garden or dining room table or car where you create gardens, garments, quilts, cupcakes, poetry, designs. It could be all of those places!

I'm looking forward to seeing where other bloggers do their creating!


  1. Yes! I like it!! I like it alot!!

    Thank you : )

    Angela xx

  2. I have been hopeless with the 'this is" lately, but I'll get on board again for this one.

  3. Oh no! The Cardy is condemned? Yikes!

    But yay for sleep!

  4. Hey Michelle, there was no return email for your comment about my skirt. All I can say to you is try it! It was super easy (aside form the sizing issue). Also, I have done a pattern drafting course, which was fantastic and very worthwhile. But it was pre kids and I need ot update all my basic blocks and I took the short cut to a premade pattern :-) Email me if you'd like more info!

  5. There's some gorgeous buttons in that photo!

  6. Oh! What a great theme! Thanks for lots of notice too - it gives me time to tidy up. While my space isn't the greatest at the moment, I can't wait to see everyone elses.

  7. Great choice of theme.

    Those buttons are so pretty. I am looking forward to seeing how your Etsy and craft business grows.

  8. nice buttons....(kind of sounds like "show us ya buttons lady.....)
    Yep, Michelle, you were the inspiration for my Boteh scarf! Saw yours on Rav, had me some Cleck-Bamboo in the stash, and the next thing you know....So thanks for the inspiration,you are my crochet guru you know?

  9. Great theme! Although I'll need to tidy up as all you can see in my space is a mountain of books, paper, and cups of coffee :)

  10. Fantastic theme! I can't wait to look at everyone's creative spaces :)

  11. What a great idea although my space is upside down and a complete mess. Because I,ve jsut been operated for the back. But I'll do my very best to tidy up and take pictures. But I love to look at other people's craft space.

  12. Great theme. I posted about this not long ago, so I might just link to that.


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